SE-4159-RL: 9/20
2020-2021 Regular Transportation Log
Direct questions regarding this form to the Michigan Department of Education, Office
of Special Education, Program Finance, Scott Kemmer-Slater at 517-241-1235.
Complete this form on the Wednesday of the count week.
School District Name District Code No.
Address City Zip Code
Telephone (include area code)
Bus Number Route Number Driver Name
Does this bus have a special education run? Yes No
Starting mileage on Count Day (10/7/2020)
Ending mileage on Count Day (10/7/2020)
Total mileage (ending mileage minus starting mileage)
Pupils exiting bus at school site (list schools) Pupils on Count Day (10/7/20)
TOTAL Pupil Count
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Regular Transportation Log Instructions
This form is to be completed one day (Wednesday) during the count week for every
vehicle providing pupil transportation services. You may make as many copies of
the log as is necessary.
A separate form is to be completed for each vehicle (owned, leased or
contracted by the district) and for each route.
Complete this form for each route which transports pupils to school. Do not
complete this form for routes which transport pupils from school, or for mileage
traveled on recreational trips or educational trips made at any time during the
school year.
Starting Mileage
The odometer reading when the vehicle starts its route.
Ending Mileage
The odometer reading when the vehicle terminates its route.
This may be at a
school or at the vehicle storage area.
Total Mileage
The starting mileage subtracted from the ending mileage.
Pupil Count
The head count of pupils exiting the pupil transportation vehicle on the way to
school. If the vehicle has multiple stops, record the number of pupils exiting at each
of the stops. Stops may be school buildings or transfer points. Do not count pupils
on their way home from school.
Total Pupil Count
Total pupil count is a one day sum of the pupils exiting at the various stops. This
figure, summed across all routes, will be entered on the 2020-21 SE-4094
Transportation Expenditure Report, line 32, and column 2, “Total Riders per the
Count Week.”
Note: The 2020-2021 SE-4094 Transportation Expenditure Report is filed with the
Center for Educational Performance Information (CEPI) by October 7, 2021.
Route: The actual daily path of travel of a school bus from an approved bus
facility, a school in the district, or the first pick-up point through a
series of pick-up stops and delivery points to a final delivery point plus
the shortest reasonable path for the bus to travel back to the approved
bus facility, school or first pick-up point.
(MDE transportation reimbursement interpretations, 1976-77.)