Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose
(To Be Signed at the Institution)
The student must appear in person at Brandman University to verify his or her identity by presenting valid
government-issued photo identification (ID), such as, but not limited to, a driver’s license, other state-issued ID,
or passport. The institution will maintain a copy of the student’s photo ID that is annotated with the date it was
received and the name of the official at the institution authorized to collect the student’s ID.
In addition, the student must sign, in the presence of the institutional official
, the following:
Statement of Educational Purpose
I certify that I _____________________________ am the individual signing this Statement of
Print Student’s Name)
Educational Purpose and that the federal student financial assistance I may receive will only be used
for educational purposes and to pay the cost of attending Brandman University for 2020-2021.
_________________________________________ _______________
(Student’s Signature) (Date)
Brandman University Official Use
On_____________________, before me, ____________________________________________,
(Date) (Official’s name)
The above student personally appeared and provided to me satisfactory evidence of identification.
(Type of government-issued photo ID provided)
(Official signature)
(Brandman University Campus)
Mail this original
form along with the copy of the student’s photo ID to the Financial Aid Office.
NOTE: It is unlawful to photocopy Military ID. Therefore it may not be used for this purpose.