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Financial Aid Office
Phone: 866-483-4682
Financial Aid
FAX: (706) 802-5041
Year and Semester Financial Aid was Suspended: __________________________
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You are on Financial Aid Suspension due to not successfully completing courses with a cumulative GPA of 2.0
and/or due to not successfully completing 66.67% of all coursework attempted. Failing and Withdrawal grades
do not count as successfully completing a course and therefore lower your cumulative GPA and/or Completion
Rate. In order for you to be eligible to appeal the denial of aid, you must complete all of the following:
1. Provide a written/typed, signed, detailed explanation of the extenuating circumstance that
describes why you were unable to maintain the minimum academic standards and what steps you
will take to resolve this situation.
2. Provide supporting documentation for the appropriate time frames that will justify your explanation.
3. Complete "The Key Components to the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Financial
Aid Appeal Process", an online tutorial that is located under your academic progress in
4. Print the page that indicates you have passed the tutorial and turn it in with your appeal form
(Use the "print this page" link on the "Congratulations" confirmation page).
*Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for
appeals to be reviewed.*
Yourstudent email is the official form of communication for Georgia Northwestern Technical College. We will
send you notification of the Committee’s decision to your student email account. It is your responsibility to
check your email account frequently for any information the Financial Aid department may send you.
My signature below certifies that I understand the Financial Aid Appeal Process and what is required by me
*We cannot accept Electronic Signatures on this form. All signatures must be applied by hand in blue/black ink*
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Determination: Academic Plan Approved Probation Denied
Comments: ____________________________________________________________________________
Committee Initials: (1) _____________ (2) _____________ (3) _____________ DATE: ___________
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