2020-2021 Enrollment Confirmation and Housing Contract
Name: Phone: Date:
Email: Date of Birth:
q I will be living on campus and am enclosing a $300 enrollment confirmation and housing deposit.
Return form and your deposit to the WLC Admissions Office, 8800 W. Bluemound Road, Milwaukee, WI 53226 OR visit
wlc.edu/deposit to submit your contract and payment using Visa or MasterCard. Deposits are due within 21 days of
admittance and are refundable until May 1, 2020. Housing assignments are considered by the date deposit is received.
I am entering as a: q Freshman q Sophomore q Junior q Senior Sex: q Male q Female
High School/College Entering From:
Intended Major:
Intended Athletic Participation in College
(if none, please write NONE)
Please note: Your meal plan can be updated each semester based on how often you are utilizing campus dining.
Select a plan: q 100 Meals & 375 Meal Points
This plan averages 6 meals per weeks and is good for students who only eat one meal a day during a typical week.
q 125 Meals & 300 Meal Points
This plan averages 8 meals per week and is good for students who will eat 1-2 meals per day, excluding weekends.
q 150 Meals & 225 Meal Points
This plan averages 9 meals per weeks and is good for students who will not eat breakfast and/or weekend meals.
q 175 Meals & 150 Meal Points
This plan averages 11 meals per week and is good for students who will eat most meals with campus dining.
Room preferences are considered but not guaranteed. Rooms are assigned after taking into consideration deposit date,
roommate selection, and availability.
Requested Roommate(s):
If you have chosen a roommate, please list their name above. Be sure your desired roommate also lists you; Residence Life will only honor mutual roommate requests.
Room Preference
(See Housing Guide. We will try our best to accommodate your request but room preference is not guaranteed.)
q 3 person-standard q 2 person-corner room
(less square footage, no walk-in closet, billed at 3-person room rate)
2 person-standard q No preference
The following statement best describes me: q
I am a morning person
I am a night person
No preference
I prefer to room with a:
Morning person
Night person
No preference
I prefer my room to be:
q Quiet, study-oriented q Social, gathering place q Combination of the two
My favorite music is
(country, rock, classical, etc.)
I am a smoker: q Yes q No
I object to rooming with someone who smokes: q Yes q No
I am interested in rooming with someone who shares my interests
(please specify)
I have a physical disability or condition that should be considered in my room assignment
(please describe that condition and any
special arrangements or equipment this may necessitate; attach additional page if necessary)
Additional information that will help pair me with a roommate:
By completing this form and submitting it along with your deposit, you are ensured a space in the residential facilities of Wisconsin Lutheran College. Its return with your
signature indicates that you accept the terms of residence and that you intend to abide by the policies and regulations of the college while a resident. It further confirms
to us your understanding that your residence hall reservation fee will be held as a deposit toward your housing costs. In addition, you agree that residence hall damage
fees are your responsibility or that of your parents/guardians – “guarantors” (guarantors are not necessary for those students aged 21 and over).
Note: The Office of Residence Life will make every effort to honor your housing preferences; however, requests are not guaranteed and housing assignments are subject to change.
By signing below, you agree to adhere to the conduct required of the Wisconsin Lutheran College community as
described in the Statement of Understanding (see wlc.edu/statement-of-understanding).
Student Signature
Guarantor Signature Date
2020-2021 Enrollment Confirmation and Commuter Application
Wisconsin Lutheran College offers housing for traditional undergraduate students through their fourth year after high school
or through 22 years of age (as available). Fifth and sixth year students need special permission from the Director of Residence
Life to live on campus. As a residential college, WLC requires students to live in college housing through their third year after
high school unless they are living with their parents or an immediate family member (father, mother, stepparent, grandparent,
brother, sister, 22 years of age or older). It is recommended that commuting distance be limited to a 50-mile radius of campus.
Students three years out of high school or less who wish to live off campus must submit this form for approval by the Vice
President of Student Life. Commuters must re-apply for commuter status annually.
PLEASE NOTE: Financial concerns are NOT considered “exceptional circumstances” qualifying a person for commuter status.
Students who knowingly and intentionally violate the College’s residency requirement will be fined $2,500 for each
semester lived in violation of the policy.
I will be commuting from home and am enclosing a $200 enrollment confirmation deposit.
Name: ______________________________________ Date of Birth: ___________________ Phone: _______________________
Email: _______________________________________________ Year of Graduation from High School: ______________________
Intended Residency Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________
I am entering as a: q Freshman q Transfer Student
ircumstance(s) Qualifying You for Commuter Status Documentation Required for Transfer Students*
q Residing with parent(s) or other immediate family member q Printed copy of family member’s driver’s license
Name: ___________________________________________ to show their age and address
Relationship: ______________________________________
q Married q Printed copy of your marriage certificate
Dependent child q Printed copy of your dependent’s birth certificate
q Printed copy of your military ID or discharge certificate
q Exceptional circumstances q Printed letter you wrote explaining the situation
* First-time, full-time freshmen (Fall 2020) are not required to supply printed documentation.
All other students are required to supply printed copies of the applicable documentation.
By signing below, you verify that all statements and claims in this document are accurate and true qualifying you
for commuter status. You acknowledge the College’s residency requirement and the $2,500 fine per semester
should you violate this policy. You also agree to adhere to the conduct required of the Wisconsin Lutheran College
community, as described in the Statement of Understanding (see wlc.edu/statement-of-understanding).
Student Signature: _____________________________________________________________ Date: _________________________
For Office of Student Life use only:
q Approved q Denied
Vice President of Student Life Signature:
Date of Approval or Denial: ___________________________________________________
q Original Placed in Student File and Collective File
Notification email sent to:
q Student
q Residence Life
q Financial Aid