Employee Tuition Grant Application
(Based off drop deadlines according to the office of the Registrar)
September 4, 2020
December 16, 2020
January 25, 2021
May 27, 2021
Term for which you are applying: Fall Interim Spring Summer
The University of Northern Colorado provides employee tuition grants to eligible employees who are 0.50 Full Time Equivalence (FTE)
or above as a benefit to assist with on-going education opportunities. Tuition for employees with an annualized FTE of 0.50 to 0.99
will be prorated based on the FTE. The credit hours allowed are based on annualized FTE not to exceed 9 per academic year (Fall,
Spring & Summer Semesters). Employees are urged to spread the credits over the three semesters. The UNC Tuition Grant applies only
to “resident” tuition. Tuition grants can now be applied to “for-credit” classes that fall under the Extended Studies program, which
may include online and alternative scheduled classes. Not-for-credit and study abroad courses are not covered under this provision. A
new academic year starts each fall. A new grant request is required for each semester. As of July 1, 2018, the tuition waivers will no
longer cover the MBA program at Monfort College of Business.
EMPLOYEE Information
Employee name
_______________________________ BEAR # _______________________________
Employee Classification: Classified Faculty Professional Admin - Exempt
Program Level: Undergraduate Graduate I WANT TO USE _____ Credit hours this term
Class CRN: ______________________ Class Time: _____:_____ to _____:_____ M T W TH F S S or Online
Class CRN: ______________________ Class Time: _____:_____ to _____:_____ M T W TH F S S or Online
Class CRN: ______________________ Class Time: _____:_____ to _____:_____ M T W TH F S S or Online
Did you apply for College Opportunity Fund? (UG Only)
Yes No
Are you an in-state Colorado resident?
Are you enrolled in the MBA program?
Did you apply for FAFSA?
Yes No
Please note: The tuition grant will not be applied to your account until after the add/drop date. The grant will be applied
to the most expensive courses. If you receive a notice to pay, wait until add/drop to ensure payment was applied, if it was
not, contact Human Resource at 351-2718 for assistance.
I understand that if I enroll in more credits than allotted under this grant or if I withdrawal from a course after the
add/drop date, I am financially responsible for payment of the additional credits. I also understand that I may be subject
to taxation under IRS Code section 117 or IRS Code Section 127. (See Payroll website for schedule of taxation at
By signing this application, I agree to all provisions of Board Policy 2-2-408, including any reimbursement requirements.
Employee’s Signature ________________________________ Date ___________________
Supervisor’s Signature _______________________________ Date____________________
To be completed by human resources
Employee FTE _______ Eligible for ______credits this semester and has taken _______ credits this academic year.
HR Representative _______________________________________________ Date _____________