Cost of Attendance (COA) Revision Appeal
Feather River College Financial Aid Office 570 Golden Eagle Avenue, Quincy CA 95971
Phone (530) 283-0202 ext 603 Fax (530) 283-4659 – Email: financialaid@frc.edu
Notice: Cost of Attendance (COA) Revision Appeals are not reviewed prior to the fourth week of the semester in
which the appeal is submitted. Processing of appeals typically take two to four weeks and may be longer at peak times.
D. Expenses for Consideration Please review and indicate which circumstance you are requesting a revision. Documentation
listed as required must be submitted along with this form to review your request. Additional documentation that helps support your
appeal, even if not listed as required, can be submitted as well.
Dependent Care
(necessary to allow the student to attend school and is not paid for by another
Provide statement indicating the dependent(s), included in your
household size, for whom care is required so you can attend school,
their relationship to you, the day(s) and time(s) care is required; and
Documentation of dependent care expenses incurred or that you will
incur (receipts or billing statement)
(special services, personal assistance, equipment and supplies that are reasonably
incurred and not provided by other assisting agencies)
Documentation of disability-related expense(s) with supporting
Elementary or Secondary Private School Tuition
Provide statement indicating the dependent(s) that attend private
school, their relationship to you; and
Documentation of tuition expense incurred or that will incur (receipts
or billing statement)
One-Time Personal Computer Purchase for educational purposes
This expense will be allowed only once during student’s enrollment per
degree at FRC. Submit a printout of the computer you plan to purchase. *If
expense of computer exceeds $2,000, you must provide verification
certifying that the specific system requirements are necessary. Letters
must be on letterhead.
Transportation (exceptional transportation expenses that exceed those
Provide a detailed breakdown of your commute to and from the college.
Include the address where you will be commuting from and the total
mileage per day and the interval(s) at which you must commute. A
standard commuting allowance based on the State of California mileage
rates will be used to determine cost.
Unusual Medical and/or Dental
Only student expenses incurred and paid out of pocket (not covered by
insurance) during the enrollment period will be considered. Please provide
an itemized statement verifying costs incurred via billing statement or
letters from a physician AND proof of payment such as copies of receipts
or cleared (canceled) checks (front and back copy). Estimates will not be
E. Certification and Signatures Each person signing this worksheet certifies that all the information reported on it is complete and correct.
The student and one parent (if dependent) whose information was reported on the FAFSA must sign and date. Warning! If you purposely give false
or misleading information you may be fined, sentenced to jail, or both.
This worksheet must be signed and dated to be valid. Electronic and/or digital signatures are not valid.
Student Signature: _____________________________________________________ Date: _________________
Parent Signature (dependent students only): _____________________________________ Date: _________________
A. Student Information
Student’s Name: ________________________________________________ FRC ID: ______________________
B. Purpose To request a revision be made to your 2020-2021 academic year Cost of Attendance (i.e., total financial aid budget)
Budgets can only be revised due to unusual medical and/or dental expenses, elementary or secondary private school tuition expenses, exceptional
transportation expenses, dependent care expenses, disability-related expenses and a one-time computer purchase. increased for expenses incurred
by the student that are above
C. Instructions All Cost of Attendance Revision requests must include:
1. This completed and signed form
2. A personal signed statement explaining the expense(s) pertaining to your request
3. Supporting documentation of expense(s) as specified in “Required Documentation below.
Note: Additional documents may be requested upon review.
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