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Revised: 12/19
2020-2021 Consortium Agreement
I, ______________________________, Social Security number _______________________________ request that Elgin Community College (ECC)--my home
school-- and ___________________________________ enter into a consortium agreement for the _____________ 20___ term so that my course work at the
host school may be used as part of my class load in determining my eligibility for Title IV financial aid at my home school. I understand that I
will not receive financial aid from the host school and must comply with the policies and rules of the host school in addition to those of ECC.
Further, I understand that this agreement is not valid until it is fully completed and all required signatures have been obtained and the
agreement is accepted by the ECC Director of Financial Aid.
The course(s) I am enrolled in at the host school are acceptable at ECC as part of my program of study. These courses are:
Course Number Course Title Semester Credit Hours
Tuition & Fees Charges: $_________________ Books & Supplies: $ _______________ Other: $__________________
I affirm that the information I have provided on this Consortium Agreement is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Further, I
agree that the host school indicated above may release information concerning my grades and class attendance to ECC for the purposes of
determining my financial aid awards and academic progress. Additionally, I will provide the ECC Financial Aid Office a photocopy of my
course grades earned at the host school within 10 days of receipt of grades. I will request a host school academic transcript be sent to the
ECC Records Office within 10 days of grades posting. I understand that my aid for the semesters following the period covered by this
consortium may be withheld until my grades are received and reviewed by the ECC Financial Aid Office.
Student’s Signature _______________________________________________ Date ______________
___________________________ agrees to enter into this Title IV financial aid consortium agreement with ECC for the above student. Further, the
host school agrees to notify ECC within 10 days if the student withdraws from the host school. The host school will provide no financial aid
for the student during the semester covered by this agreement, and certifies it is a Title IV eligible institution, and that the student’s chosen
courses in SECTION A are college-level course work.
Financial Aid Office Signature _______________________________________ Date ______________
Printed name of signer _______________________________________________
I have reviewed the courses listed above in SECTION A. It is my opinion that if the student achieves a passing grade the courses will be
acceptable towards the student’s program of study at ECC.
Per Email to Director of Financial Aid__________________________
ECC agrees to and is eligible to act as the home school for the student indicated above. ECC agrees to determine eligibility, monitor
enrollment, disburse Title IV financial aid, and monitor academic progress for this student.
ECC Financial Aid Signature _______________________________ Date _______________