2020-2021 Commuter Application For Returning Students
Wisconsin Lutheran College offers housing for traditional undergraduate students through their fourth year after high school or
through 22 years of age (as available). Fifth and sixth year students need special permission from the Director of Residence Life
to live on campus. As a residential college, WLC requires students to live in college housing through their third year after high
school unless they are living with their parents or an immediate family member (father, mother, stepparent, grandparent, brother,
sister, 22 years of age or older). It is expected that commuting distance be limited to a 50-mile radius of campus.
Students three years out of high school or less who wish to live off campus must submit this form for approval by the Vice
President of Student Life. Commuters must re-apply for commuter status annually.
PLEASE NOTE: Financial concerns are NOT considered “exceptional circumstances” qualifying a person for commuter status.
Students who knowingly and intentionally violate the College’s residency requirement will be fined $2,500 for
each semester lived in violation of the policy.
Name: ______________________________________ Date of Birth: ___________________ Phone: _______________________
Email: _______________________________________________ Year of Graduation from High School: ______________________
Intended Residency Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Warrior ID#: ______________________________________
Term: q Fall Semester q Spring Semester
Circumstance(s) Qualifying You for Commuter Status Documentation Required
q Residing with parent(s) or other immediate family member q Printed copy of family member’s driver’s license
Name: ___________________________________________ to show their age and address
Relationship: ______________________________________
q Married q Printed copy of your marriage certificate
q Dependent child q Printed copy of your dependent’s birth certificate
q Military
q Printed copy of your military ID or discharge certificate
q Exceptional circumstances q Printed letter you wrote explaining the situation
By signing below, you verify that all statements and claims in this document are accurate and true qualifying you
for commuter status. You acknowledge the College’s residency requirement and the $2,500 fine per semester
should you violate this policy. You also agree to adhere to the conduct required of the Wisconsin Lutheran College
community, as described in the Statement of Understanding (see wlc.edu/statement-of-understanding).
Student Signature: _____________________________________________________________ Date: _________________________
SIGN and MAIL your completed application form and required documentation to:
Office of Student Life, Wisconsin Lutheran College, 8800 West Bluemound Road, Milwaukee, WI 53226
For Office of Student Life use only:
q Approved q Denied
Vice President of Student Life Signature:
Date of Approval or Denial: ___________________________________________________
q Original Placed in Student File and Collective File
q Notification sent to student
q Spreadsheet updated
Spreadsheet emailed to:
q Residence Life
q Financial Aid
Date: _____________________