2020-2021 California College Promise Grant Appeal (CCPG)
California College Promise Grant:
Loss of the California College Promise Grant occurs when students are on
academic or progress probation, as defined in section 55031 (a) or (b), or any combination thereof for two
consecutive primary semesters. This form is used to appeal the loss of the California College Promise Grant. The
loss of the California College Promise Grant is required and governed by California Code of Regulations § 55031.
Incomplete forms may be denied. If approved, your CCPG will be reinstated for one semester only.
The following Academic Standards are applied to the California College Promise Grant ONLY.
Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0
Minimum cumulative progress rate of 50%
If you have extenuating circumstances, please complete this appeal. ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS MUST
UPLOADED using the your MyBC Financial Aid Self-Service Required Documents Manage tool.
Students should be prepared to pay for their enrollments fees pending the outcome of their appeal. Please check
the appropriate Extenuating Circumstance to be reviewed.
Extenuating Circumstances Required Documentation
Verified illness, accident, or circumstance beyond
student’s control
Documentation verifying onset or circumstance and duration of
illness or situation contributing to the loss of the California
College Promise Grant
Student with disabilities who applied for but did not
receive accommodation in a timely manner
Attach requested accommodation documentation verifying the
date and duration of the occurrence
Changes to economic situation
Documentation verifying the circumstances and dates of
changes to economic situation
Evidence student was unable to obtain essential
support services
Documentation verifying date and request for essential
support services
Special consideration of factors for CalWorks, EOPS,
DSPS and Veteran students
Documentation of situation to be reviewed for special
Be sure to submit the following:
A typewritten statement explaining your situation and why your CCPG should be reinstated
Documentation to support extenuating circumstances or the need for an accommodation
Student Signature: Date:
Butte College offers many student support services to assist in maintaining your California College Promise Grant
eligibility. We encourage you to take advantage of services, such as; counseling, tutoring, advising and other
education planning services to ensure that you maintain your eligibility while you work to meet your educational
Financial Aid Office Use Only
Petition: Approved Denied Term:
Initials: Date: Notified student by e-mail: Yes: NO: CCPG Reinstated:
Please upload your CCPG Appeal form to the
Financial Aid Office by using your MyBC
Required Documents Manage tool.