2020 - 2021 Veterans Affairs
Information Packet
Note: Admission steps must be completed and a Certificate of Eligibility must be on file before we can
secure your tuition and fees. Be prepared to pay the difference in costs if you are not 100% eligible or
considered out-of-state for billing purposes.
Admissions Requirements
Complete a CCC&TI Admissions Application either online or in person at any campus location. The
Admissions process will determine your residency status for either in-state or out-of-
state tuition
Submit an official copy of your High School Transcript to the Student Records Department at CCC&TI.
Submit official transcripts for all prior college experience, member 4 DD214, and military transcripts
to Student Records.
Take placement tests if required to confirm need for remedial courses. You may not be required to take
placement tests, however, remedial math and english courses are not eligible for certification unless a
placement test taken within the last two years is on file at our Testing Center.
Applying for Benefits
Apply for benefits online at
-Chapter 35 New – 22-5490
-Chapter 35 Change of Program or Place of Training – 22-5495
-All other Chapters New – 22-1990
-All other Chapters Change of Program or Place of Training – 22-1995
Submit a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility to CCC&TI’s Office of Financial Aid.
Note: For Chapter 35 we must have your full “official VA File Number” along with your full
“Payee Number” on the school’s copy to transmit an Enrollment Certification.
Read, complete, sign, and submit the VA Information Packet to CCC&TI’s Office of Financial Aid.
Complete and Submit the VA Certification/Schedule Adjustment Worksheet.
Once all required documentation has been received, you will receive a “File Complete” e-mail at your CCC&TI
student e-mail address. Incomplete packets will not be accepted.
The VA file must be complete, including receipt of all College/Military Transcripts before the packet will
be accepted & certification completed. Meet with a Financial Aid/Veterans Affairs Specialist to submit
your VA Packet.
Return completed worksheet(s) to:
Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute
Office of Financial Aid
Caldwell Campus 2855 Hickory Blvd., Hudson, NC 28638 Watauga Campus PO Box 3318, Boone, NC 28607
Fax: 828.726.2709 Fax: 828.297.1729
Veterans Affairs
Demographic Information Worksheet
Please print all information clearly and in ink:
(Activate your CCC&TI email address as this is the official means of communication with CCC&TI.)
Office Use Only:
VA Educational Benefit
Chapter 30 – Montgomery GI Bill released from Active Duty
Chapter 33 – Post 9/11 GI Bill served Active Duty on or after September 11, 2001
Chapter 1606 – National Guard or Selected Reservist
Chapter 1607 (REAP) – Guard or Reservist who served on Active Duty for at least 90 consecutive days
Chapter 35 – Dependent or Spouse of 100% Disabled Veteran as a result of military service
Chapter 31 – Veteran Vocational Rehabilitation Program sponsored through Winston Salem
Make sure the information you are providing is also current with our Student Records
Department. If necessary, complete the Student Record Change Form:
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Transcript Certification Worksheet
Even if you didn’t complete the courses and/or the courses will not transfer, the transcripts must be on file
with student records and evaluated before Enrollment Certification can be transmitted to the Department of
Veterans Affairs. There are no exceptions to this regulation. If you owe a balance to a previous college and
can’t obtain an official transcript, you will need to resolve this before we can transmit Enrollment Certification.
Please complete the statements below, sign, date and return this form to complete your VA file at
I have attended other colleges: Yes No
I have military training, Military Transcripts or other records (DD 214) to be evaluated for college
Yes No
List ALL colleges attended and military transcripts/documents, including your DD 214 (Veterans) even if
you didn’t complete the term and request official transcripts to be submitted to Student Records if you
haven’t attended any colleges or have military transcripts, please write “None” below:
1. ________________________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________________
4. ________________________________________________________________
5. ________________________________________________________________
Incomplete forms will be returned to student.
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Caldwell Watauga
On-Line Course Guidelines
CCC&TI currently offers “eLearning” through distance learning courses offered online (web-based) and as
a hybrid (instruction both in the class and online). Distance learning courses are designed for students who
need reduced classroom time and greater flexibility with their schedule. All courses must be required for
graduation and count as core courses or electives.
Students receiving Veterans Affairs Educational Benefits (Chapters 30, 33, 1606, 1607, 35) may be eligible
to receive payment for On-line Campus courses (see below). Students receiving Chapter 31 (VA Voc Rehab
Program) must get approval from their VA Case Manager prior to enrolling in On-line Courses.
VA Students enrolling in On-line courses are required to meet the following:
Completed or transferred in 12 credit hours of graduation requirements for current program.
Have a GPA of 2.00 prior to enrolling in the on-line courses and at least a 2.0 GPA at the end of each term
to continue eligibility.
All Remedial/Developmental courses, including required labs, must be taken in classroom settings
only for VA certification per Federal Law.
Students have to correspond with CC&TI’s Financial Aid Office through their CCC&TI email address only.
Important Notice for Chapter 33 (Post-9/11) students: Per VA Federal regulations, a reduced amount of
BAH will be paid to students enrolled solely in on-line courses based on percentage of eligibility and hours
enrolled. On-line Courses include online and hybrid courses taught at CCC&TI (hybrid courses include
instruction both in class and online).
____ If I do not complete the on-line orientation and actively participate in the course within the first three
days of the course, that I will automatically be removed with a “NA” grade (never attended) and will
be unable to reenter the course.
____ I need to actively participate in the course, communicate with my instructor, and submit all
required coursework on time.
____ I will need to stay in compliance with the attendance requirements to remain eligible for future
certification of On-line Courses.
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(Read the following policies & procedures carefully before signing this form)
I have read and understand:
My college admission and CCCTI VA file must be complete before an Enrollment Certification will be
sent to the Department of Veteran Affairs
If my VA file is not complete at the time my tuition/fees are due, I will be responsible for charges to the
college to prevent my classes from being dropped. I will receive reimbursement, if eligible, after Enrollment
Certification is transmitted and processed.
College Placement Test results must confirm the need to enroll in remedial courses.
I cannot be paid for audited courses, independent study courses, credits by exam, repeated courses with a
passing grade of “D” or above, courses for which transfer credit has been awarded, or any other courses not
counting toward graduation in my primary active program of study.
Course substitution processes must be completed and a copy of that documentation must be forwarded to
the school certifying official (There is a limit of two course substitutions).
CCC&TI does not participate in the Advance Pay Program. I am required to pay all charges at the time of
If I receive Montgomery GI BILL Active Duty, Selected Reserve, or REAP, I MUST verify my enrollment
monthly to receive payments. Verification can be done either by using the Web Automated Verification of
Enrollment (WAVE) application at or by using an automated telephone system (IVR)
at 1.877.823.2378.
I must attend class to receive Veteran Education Benefits. It is my responsibility to notify the school
certifying official if I drop a class, withdraw from school, or stop attending class for any reason. I will be
responsible for overpayments resulting from any of the above listed changes.
I must meet satisfactory academic progress as stated in the CCC&TI catalog to continue receiving Veteran
Education Benefits. If I am placed on academic suspension, I cannot be certified for that semester or any
future semesters until I meet satisfactory academic progress as required for my program.
It is my responsibility to comply with all VA rules and procedures covered in appropriate laws, regulations,
and VA pamphlets to continue to receive VA educational benefits.
I am not eligible to receive 100% of Chapter 33 benefits or if I am in an overpayment status with the
Department of Veteran Affairs, I am responsible for paying the difference in charges in what the VA will
pay and my tuition/fee bill to CCC&TI.
I must submit the Certification/Schedule Adjustment Worksheet in order to have my course schedule
If I am a Chapter 33 recipient, and I do not complete the term with the required hours and eligible classes,
I am responsible for any BAH overpayments.
If I qualify for the Book/Supply Stipend under Chapter 33, I will be responsible for paying for books at the
Bookstore at the time of purchase, I will expect to receive the Book/Supply Stipend as repayment from the
VA Regional Processing Office. The Book/Supply Stipend is prorated based on length of service
(percentage level).
Printed Name Signature
CCC&TI Student ID # Date
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Caldwell Watauga
Veterans Affairs
Certification/Schedule Adjustment Worksheet
*Form must be completed electronically or in ink*
Name (Last, First, Middle Initial)
Address (Number, Street or Rural route, and Apt#)
Student ID
Address 2
Phone Number
Semester Certification Requested
Has your program of study
changed since the last certification
If yes, please
complete the 22-1995 (Veteran & 33TOE) or the 22-5495 (Ch. 35 & FRY) and submit with this form.
Read and initial each statement.
I am required to submit a new Certification Request Form each semester.
I understand onlycourses required for graduation can be certified.
After requesting certification, a registration hold will be placed on my account. I am required to contact the Office of
Financial Aid to remove the registration hold before making adjustments to my class schedule.
Changes to my schedule (drop/add/withdrawal), & excessive absences (of one week or more) must be reported to the
Office of Financial Aid immediately to avoid financial liabilities.
If my status changes to Academic Suspension, I am no longer eligible to be certified. If my cumulative grade point average
(GPA) is below a 2.0, I
will be placed on Academic Probation. While on Academic Probation, I must maintain a grade
average of 2.0 or higher to maintain satisfactory progress and continue using my VA education benefits.
For Chapter 1606 and 1607 students only: CCC&TI’s VA Certifying Officials are not permitted to certify classes for benefits
under Chapter 1606 or 1607 if the student is receiving Federal Tuition Assistance for the class. This does not apply to students using
NC State Tuition Assistance (NCTAP).
I give permissionto the CCC&TIOffice of Financial Aid to certify my required courses.
Signature: _________________________________ Date: _______________________
For Office Use Only:
Award Codes and Amount: $1,800 (Voc. Rehab. Only)
Date Certified in VA Once: __________________
VAMGI (Chapter 30, 35, 1606, 1607) CRI Com Code: FA19VCER
VRCU (Voc. Rehab. Curriculum) SAXL (Charge Restriction) PERC:
VRCE (Voc. Rehab. Cont. Education) SAXL (Charge Restriction) Bookstore Voucher Created (Chapter 31 only):
VASCH (Dependents of Vets)
V33CU (Chapter 33 Curriculum)
V33CE (Chapter 33 Cont. Education)
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