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Office of Financial Aid
501 Varsity Road 1533 Hwy 19 South
Griffin, GA 30023 Thomaston, GA 30286
770-228-7368 p 706-646-6386 p
770-229-3029 f 706-646-6063 f
Directions: Complete this form if your eligibility to receive financial aid for the 2019-2020 academic year has been
suspended. You may appeal your financial aid satisfactory academic progress (SAP) status if unusual circumstances
interfered with your ability to meet the SAP standard. Examples of unusual circumstances include but are not limited to;
death of a family member, serious injury or illness, extended hospitalization or medical condition, personal issues,
victimization of a violent crime or natural disaster, divorce, work related difficulties or other documented situations.
Please note that lack of transportation to school, poor performance in class, and changing your major are not considered
unusual circumstances. Filing for an appeal should not be based on your need for financial assistance.
Instructions to Appeal Financial Aid Suspension
Include the following items in your Appeal Packet (Steps 1-3 must be included). Incomplete packets will not be
1. Attach a typed or neatly hand-written detailed letter explaining the basis of your appeal.
2. A copy of your most current Degree Works outlining your academic history.
3. Applicable documentation to support your letter, such as doctors’ letters, bills, death certificates, obituary or
police reports. (Depending on your individual circumstances.)
After Submitting Your APPEAL
You can track the progress of your appeal on Banner Web. In-person appointments will not be granted unless requested by
the Office of Financial Aid (OFA). Appeals submitted after the current semester begins will be considered for the next
semester. If your appeal is approved, the OFA aid will award you with funds we currently have available. You are not
guaranteed to receive any previously awarded aid. If your appeal is approved, you will be placed on Financial Aid
Probation and required to sign a SAP Plan. You will be notified via your SCTC email account, make sure it is active.
Office resources available to help you become academically successful.
Office Location Contact
Career Advisement Center Room 107 Griffin campus (770)229-3048
Tutoring Center Room 604 Griffin campus (770)229-3078
Special Services Center Mobile Unit 6B (770)228-7382
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Appeal of Financial Aid Suspension
Student ID:
Last First
Address: @ stu.sctech.edu
Indicate the semester for which you are submitting the appeal:
Fall 2019 Spring 2020 Summer 2020
Please indicate the extenuating circumstances that have contributed to your inability to maintain SAP by checking any
category that applies to you. You also must follow the instructions for each checked category.
Medical - Psychological: Attach a statement from the physician on letterhead explaining the nature and
dates of the illness or injury and a release to return to classes. Include dates as to what you have done to
overcome this condition. Supporting documentation from a third party (physician, social worker,
psychiatrist, police, etc.) must be attached.
Death of an immediate family member: Attach a photocopy of the death certificate or obituary and
include the name of the deceased and relationship to you. All forms of documentation must specify name of
deceased and date of death.
Victim of a crime: Attach copy of police reports of incident.
Work-related difficulties: Attach statement from employer (on company letterhead) explaining the
student’s specific work related difficulties, timeframe of the difficulties and how the situation has changed
to such an extent that it should not significantly impair future academic performance.
Other - Unexpected: Please explain in detail the nature and dates of the unexpected circumstances.
Supporting documentation also must be provided.
By signing this form, I certify that I read both pages of this form and the information and supporting documentation that I
provided is true and accurate. I understand that falsified documentation will result in an immediate denial of my appeal and
that future appeals may be denied as well.
Please provide a hand-written signature. Electronic signatures are unacceptable and will not be documented to your
Student Signature Date
As set forth in full in the Student Handbook/Course Catalog, Southern Crescent Technical College is an Equal Opportunity Institution and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color,
national origin, sex, age or disability.
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