Graduate Diploma of Orthodontics
(essay form)
Name ______________________________________________________________
AHPRA Reg. No. ______________________________________________________________
Qualification ______________________________________________________________
Email/Phone ______________________________________________________________
What is your level of experience in Orthodontics? Are you currently treating orthodontic patients? If so,
please explain what techniques and types of treatment you use in your clinic; and provide an approximate
number of cases you have finalized.
Give details of continuing education courses in Orthodontics you have attended over the past 3 years
Why would you like to study Orthodontics at JCU?
The course involves a strong academic component (prepared by students) with seminars, case
presentations and a research project which can be either a systematic review or an original research
project. Are you willing to commit yourself to long hours of self-study to complete these assessment
Are you prepared to receive constructive feedback? Can you describe the last time your work was
Considering the flexible mode of delivery of this course with prescribed compulsory attendance at James
Cook University (Cairns Campus), how have you prepared yourself to undertake the course for which you
have applied? There are approximately 9 to 10 clinical blocks per year. The duration of the course is 2