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2019-2020 Textbook Advance Agreement
An advance of funds to purchase textbooks is available to selected students, as identified by the Office of Financial Aid.
An advance of funds for the purchase of textbooks is not an increase in the amount of your financial aid award.
The textbook advance program permits you to charge your required textbooks to your Grinnell student account.
You must repay the advanced funds according to the terms below.
You must sign the agreement below and return this document to the Office of Financial Aid at least 24 hours prior to
purchasing your books.
How the Textbook Advance Program works:
Take your Grinnell ID card to the Pioneer Bookshop. At checkout, advise Pioneer Bookshop personnel that you wish to
utilize your textbook advance for your purchase. Remember, you must have previously submitted this agreement to the
Office of Financial Aid. Keep your receipt in case you need to exchange or return a book.
Textbook advances may only be used at the Pioneer Bookshop. Only books assigned by professors for registered classes may
be charged. Only one copy of each book may be charged. Optional books, as well as supplies, cannot be charged.
The last day qualifying textbooks may be purchased (charged) and/or returned for credit to your textbook account is:
o September 20, 2019 for fall semester
o February 7, 2020 for spring semester
A charge equal to the amount of advanced funds will be placed on your Grinnell College student account.
If you fail to make regular payments toward the balance owed, you may be subject to a pre-registration hold.
The full remaining balance of the amount advanced/charged must be paid by the last day of the semester. If you fail to
repay your textbook advance by the stated deadline:
o You will forfeit eligibility for the textbook advance privilege in the future;
o You may be subject to an arrival confirmation hold for the following semester;
o The unpaid balance will be subject to Grinnell’s standard collection practices.
If you are interested in receiving a textbook advance, please read the statement below, and sign to indicate your understanding.
--------------- Statement of Understanding and Authorization ---------------
By signing below, I acknowledge my desire to participate in the Textbook Advance Program at Grinnell College for the academic year
2019-2020. I agree to abide by the program guidelines and policies and will fulfill my responsibility with respect to the repayment
terms outlined above.
Student Signature: Date:
Student Name: Grinnell ID:
Please return completed form to the Office of Financial Aid in person at the Admission and Student Financial Services
building, 1227 Park St, 2nd floor, or upload a scanned image to our secure file transfer at grinnell.leapfile.net.