Supervisors: To be completed once a student is hired. Please complete entire form and return
electronically to: studentemployment@maryville.edu
Student Name: __________________________________ Student ID: ________________
Department: ____________________________________ Budget #: __________________
Job Title: ____________________________________________________________________
Supervisor: _____________________________________ Supervisor ID: ______________
Award Amount: ____________ Award Type: Federal Work Study (CWS)
Institutional Work Study (IWS)
Supervisor must have proof of student’s work eligibility before offering a student a job.
Please check the appropriate pay rate based on the position type.
Standard Position Rate: $9.45
Specialized Role/Student Manager/Community Service Rate: $10.60
Hours per week: ________________
Students cannot work more than 20 hours/week when school is in session.
Has the student previously worked on campus? Yes No
Employment Dates:
Fall 2019 Spring 2020 Fall 2019 Spring 2020
Please remember that student employees are allowed to work only when not schedule to be in class or
lab, and approved work hours should reflect this practice. Our signatures below indicate we
acknowledge and agree with the information presented on this form.
Supervisor’s Signature: _____________________________________ Date: ___________
Student’s Signature: ________________________________________ Date: ___________
Office use only: ______ Division of Operational Excellence ______ Human Resources
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