2019-2020 Request for Independent Student Status
Financial aid regulations assume that the family has primary responsibility for meeting the educational costs
of students. If you are considered a dependent student according to the financial aid definition, your aid
eligibility is determined by using parent income and asset information in addition to your information.
Dependent students are required by law to provide parental information and signatures to be considered for
financial aid.
For federal student aid programs, Southern Crescent follows the definition of an independent student as set by
the Federal Government. Under the definition, an undergraduate student is considered independent
for 2019-2020 if he or she:
is born before January 1, 1995.
since turning age 13, was in foster care, a ward or dependent of the court and/or an orphan (both parents
is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces or currently serving on active duty in the U.S. Armed
Forces for purposes other than training.
is married or separated.
is working on a master’s or doctorate program 2019-2020.
is providing significant financial support to dependents other than a spouse.
is determined by a court in the state of legal residence as being an emancipated minor or in legal
on or after July 1, 2019, was deemed to be a homeless unaccompanied youth or self-supporting and at
risk of being homeless.
Federal regulations allow financial aid administrators to use professional judgment to change dependency
status to "independent" on a case-by-case basis. The student must demonstrate that there is an unusual
circumstance other than the fact that the student is self-sufficient or that the parents are unwilling to
contribute to the student’s education. If you do not meet any of the above criteria but you believe that you
should be considered independent because of truly exceptional circumstances making it inappropriate to
expect a parental contribution; you may complete this form to petition for a waiver of federal regulations
requiring parental information. Examples of unusual circumstances are situations such as when a student's
parents cannot be located, or where an otherwise dependent student has been a victim of domestic violence
or abuse and is no longer able to reside with his or her parents.
The U.S. Department of Education has identified four conditions that, individually or in combination with
one another do not qualify as "unusual circumstances" and do not merit a dependency override. Those
circumstances are:
Parents refusing to contribute to the student's education;
Parents unwilling to provide information on the application or for verification
Parents not claiming the students as a dependent for income tax purposes
Student demonstrating total self-sufficiency.
Office of Financial Aid
501 Varsity Road 1533 Hwy 19 South
Griffin, GA 30223 Thomaston, GA 30286
770-228-7368 p 706-646-6386 p
770-229-3029 f 706-646-6063 f
2019-2020 Professional Judgment Petition for Independent Student Status
Please provide statements and a document from three appropriate authorities who are aware of your situation
and can corroborate the facts you present. Appropriate authorities include, clergy, social worker/personnel,
court official, teachers, high school counselors, and/or police officers. Only one of the three statements may be
from someone who is a relative or friend. Copies of Police Reports, reports from the Department of Family and
Children Services, and death certificates are some of the acceptable supporting documents. Letters must be
typed on official letterhead and have a signature.
Last Name___________________________ ____ First Name__________________________ MI________
Student ID_______________________________ Last 4 digits of SSN___________ DOB____________
Address_________________________________ City_______________ State_________ Zip__________
Phone Number____________________________ Email__________________________________________
Identify the location of both your parents.
Describe the last time you had contact with your parents (when, where, and nature of contact).
Explain why you cannot obtain parental information to complete your FAFSA.
If you are being financially supported by anyone other than yourself (i.e., grandparents or other relatives), please answer the following
2 questions.
a) Describe the relationship and how you received this support.
b) Identify type of support and approximate value.
Office of Financial Aid
501 Varsity Road 1533 Hwy 19 South
Griffin, GA 30223 Thomaston, GA 30286
770-228-7368 p 706-646-6386 p
770-229-3029 f 706-646-6063 f
2019-2020 Professional Judgment Petition for Independent Student Status
What amount of financial support have you received from your parents in the last year?
What other support do you receive from your parents (i.e., health or car insurance, room and board)?
Provide the following information about your expenses. If any amount is zero, explain the reason. Please
attached signed copies of your federal income tax return transcript (including all schedules and W-2 forms)
for 2017 and 2018.
Current Monthly Living Expenses (2019) Dollar Amount
Personal (clothing, personal items, etc.)
Explain any expenses with a zero dollar amount.
I certify that the information provided is true and correct.
______________________________________________________ ______________________
Student Signature Date
Submit complete petition with ALL statements, letters and supporting documents attached to Southern
Crescent Technical College Office of Financial Aid, 501 Varsity Road, Griffin, GA 30223 or fax to 770-
229-3029. Verification must be completed before the petition can be reviewed. Please allow up to 3
weeks from the time your petition and all supporting documents are submitted to receive your written
FAO Initials____________ Date___________ Decision: Approved Denied
Comments: _________________________________________________________________________
As set forth in full in the Student Handbook/Course Catalog, Southern Crescent Technical College is an Equal Opportunity Institution and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color,
national origin, sex, age or disability.
Office of Financial Aid
501 Varsity Road 1533 Hwy 19 South
Griffin, GA 30223 Thomaston, GA 30286
770-228-7368 p 706-646-6386 p
770-229-3029 f 706-646-6063 f
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