Financial Aid
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2019-2020 Parent PLUS Loan Request
Financial Aid
Oce Use Only
Loan period: From_________ To _________ Grade Level _____
Enrollment Status: Full-time At least half-time
COA ___________ Estimated Financial Aid $__________ Certified Loan Amount $__________
Signature of authorized school ocial ________________________________ Date __________
1. Review information on the back of this form.
2. Complete and sign all sections of this application.
3. Submit application to the Financial Aid Oce in person, by mail or via email to
Student Name________________________________Student Clark State ID Number_______________
Parent Borrower Information:
Name _______________________________________________________________________________
Date of Birth __________________________Social Security Number____________________________
Street City State Zip
Driver License Number and State______________________Daytime Phone_______________________
Parent Citizenship Status: __ U.S. Citizen __Eligible Non-Citizen/Alien Registration Number: A________
Are you (the parent borrower) currently in default on a Federal Staord Loan, Supplemental Loan for
Students, or Parent PLUS Loan? ____ Yes ____ No
Total Amount Requested $_____________
Please indicate the term(s). If more than one semester is selected, the disbursements will be equal.
Fall 2019 Spring 2020 Summer 2020
SECTION D: Certification
I certify that the information on this form is true and accurate. I authorize Clark State Community
College to release any Federal Direct PLUS Loan disbursements to the student’s tuition and fee
account. I also authorize Clark State Community College to release loan disbursement information to
the student electronically.
Parent Borrower Signature___________________________________________Date_______________
Financial Aid
937.328.6034 | | 570 East Leel Lane, Springfield, Ohio 45505
1. File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at (NOTE:
Students and parents must create a FSA ID as an electronic signature. The FSA ID will also be used
later on to sign the PLUS loan application and promissory note.)
2. Submit any requested documents to the Financial Aid Office and review the final student financial
aid award.
3. Determine if you are eligible for a Parent PLUS loan. Eligibility requirements include: You must be
the biological or adoptive parent of a current student.
a. You must be the biological or adoptive parent of a current student
b. Your child must be a dependent undergrad enrolled at least half-time (6 or more
credit hours) each semester you want to borrow PLUS loan funds
c. Your child must meet all other financial aid eligibility requirements including meeting
Satisfactory Academic Progress
d. You must not be in default on any federal student loans
e. Your credit must not be “adverse”
4. Calculate how much you can borrow. The student financial aid award letter includes a Budget. The
Budget represents average costs for tuition, fees, books, housing and miscellaneous expenses. The
combination of all financial aid awards cannot exceed the Budget. You can borrow Parent PLUS
loan funds in an amount that does not exceed the difference between the Budget and all other
financial aid.
5. Complete a Parent PLUS loan application at The information you submit
will be provided to Clark State in 2-3 business days. If your application is denied, you can reapply
with an endorser OR your student can contact the Financial Aid Office to apply for additional
Unsubsidized Direct Loan for students. The amount of the additional Unsubsidized loan can vary
but, added to other financial aid, cannot exceed the Budget listed on the financial aid award letter.
6. Complete the Clark State Parent PLUS Supplemental Form. This form is available on the Financial
Aid Forms webpage at This application confirms the amount you want to
borrow and the semesters to apply the loan funds.
7. Complete a Parent PLUS Master Promissory Note at
Your student will receive notification that the financial aid award was revised to include the
approved Parent PLUS loan. Parents will receive a disclosure notice from the U.S. Department of
Education that includes the loan amount, loan origination fees, disbursement amounts and dates.
For more information please see:
Federal Student Loans: Direct PLUS Loan Basics for Parents at
Steps to Apply and Accept the Parent PLUS Loan