Form rev. 2/20
Student’s Name: Graduation Date (Month/Year):
Thesis Advisor (1): Thesis Advisor (2):
Thesis Department (1): Thesis Department (2):
Thesis Title:
Permanent (Non-Union) email address ______________________________________________
I certify that the version of my thesis that I submitted is the same as that approved by my advisor(s).
I also hereby grant to Union College and/or its agents the non-exclusive license to archive my thesis in
whole or in part in all forms of media, now or hereafter known, and make it available for consultation
on site at the Union College library.
I also grant Union College and/or its agents, under the conditions specified below, permission to make
my thesis available online in whole or in part in all forms of media, now or hereafter known.
I also understand, if third part copyrighted matter is included in my thesis, and I have not obtained and
attached hereto written permission for redistribution from the owner(s) of the copyright, that either that
portion of my thesis or my entire thesis may not be made available online no matter what option I have
selected below.
FERPA. To the extent this thesis is an educational record as defined in the Family Educational Rights
and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 USC 1232g), I consent to its release according to the specifications in
this document.
I retain all other ownership rights to the copyright of the thesis, including the right to use it in whole or
in part in future works (such as articles or books).
POTENTIAL INTERNET ACCESS OPTIONS (Students: Check all that apply)
1. (Open Access) Release the thesis for universal online access on a site maintained by Union
College. Access to your thesis online serves the scholarly convention of sharing one’s research with
others. It also exemplifies the nature of honors work done in your department or program.
2. (Union Only) This option should be considered if you want access to your thesis for the Union
community only.
3. (Embargo Hold) In addition to one of access options above, you may also select an embargo
period for your thesis if you a. believe there to be subject matter for which you wish to seek patent
protection or b. if you plan to publish the thesis in a journal or some other medium at a later date.
(One-year extension on request, if needed). Hold the thesis one year, then release for access on a
site maintained by Union College.
4. (Opt Out) Do not release the thesis for online access in any manner unless I provide written
permission in future for so doing. You must still submit your thesis even if you select “Opt
Choose One
Optional - Choose One
Form rev. 2/20
The opt out choice (number 4 above) should be selected if any of the following circumstances apply:
a) If there are co-authors, whose permission to publish the thesis has not yet been secured;
b) If the work and/or ideas of Union College Faculty are disclosed in the thesis and written
consent to its publication has not yet been secured.
c) If third party copyrighted matter is included in the thesis, and written permission for release
has not been obtained and attached hereto from the owner(s) of the copyright.
For information purposes only: If circumstance “c” above applies, but it is
your sole reason for opting out, and you would otherwise have chosen to
release your thesis to the Union College community, please check this box:
I have read and fully agree to the Union College Copyright Agreement regarding my thesis. I
understand that there may be publishing and/or legal consequences to my selection of an access
option. I agree to the option I selected above, subject to my advisor’s approval. I understand that if
my advisor and I disagree, Union College will adopt whichever of our two choices is the more
Student’s Signature: Date:
I have discussed the distribution options with my student, and I am aware of the choice
my student has made. Please check one:
approve this choice.
Another option is more appropriate. (Please Click One): 1 2 3 4*
* If you selected option 4, please click to indicate which of the circumstances in the Opt Out:
Important Note above apply: a b c
I understand that if my student and I disagree about the best choice, Union College will adopt
whichever of the two access options is the more restrictive.
Advisor Signature: Date:
(Only one Advisor’s Signature Required)
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