2019-2020 Federal Student Loan Adjustment Request
Student Name: SMC ID#
omplete the information below to request an adjustment to a Federal Student Loan included in your 2019-2020 Saint
Michael’s Financial Aid Award. To adjust a Federal Direct Parent
PLUS Loan, the parent borrower should contact Student
Financial Services for the Parent PLUS Loan Adjustment Request Form. Your financial aid award generally reflects the
maximum amount of Federal Direct Subsidized, Unsubsidized and Graduate PLUS Loans for which you are eligible.
Select the type of loan you wish to adjust and enter the total adjusted amount for each semester and revised amount
for the year. We will adjust your loans to the amount specified or contact you if we are unable to do so or need additional
information. Please list only whole dollar amounts and note that loans must generally be disbursed in two equal
xample: To decrease a Federal Direct Subsidized Loan from $2,000 each semester to $1,000 each semester, select
“Federal Direct Subsidized Loan” and enter $1,000 under Revised Fall 2019 Amount, $1,000 under Revised Spring 2020
Amount and $2,000 under Revised Total Loan Amount. Remember that we will adjust your gross loan amount to match
the amounts listed below.
Loan Type
Revised Fall 2019
Revised Spring 2020
Revised Total Loan
*An origination fee is deducted by the federal government on all Federal Direct Loans and will reduce the amount
disbursed to Saint Michael’s College.
ertification: I understand that my loans will be adjusted to match the revised gross loan amounts indicated above and I
understand that I must repay these loans according to the terms listed in my promissory note.
lease print and sign the form before submitting to our office. We cannot
accept digital signatures.
Student Signature Date
Office of Student Financial Services
One Winooski Park, Box 4
Colchester, VT 05439
Tel. 802-654-3243
Fax: 802-654-2591
E-mail: finaid@smcvt.edu
Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan
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