In accordance with federal regulations, students must maintain minimum standards as defined in the
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy. The SAP Policy is available in its entirety on the financial
aid web site at www.contracosta.edu/financialaid. Students on “Suspension” who have a documented
extenuating circumstance that was beyond your control for failing to meet the minimum SAP Policy
requirements may file this Appeal for consideration of reinstatement of financial assistance. Read and
follow all instructions below carefully to correctly file your Appeal. Please allow at least 6-8 weeks
processing time for an appeal decision to be emailed to you.
that you have read, understood, and completed each of the requirements and guidelines.
______ I acknowledge that I have read and understand the District’s SAP Policy.
______ I certify that I have completed the “Filing a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal online
counseling session. Log on to https://contracosta.get-counseling.com/sessions to complete the
counseling session.
______ If I am filing this appeal for exceeding the maximum timeframe, I certify that I have met with my
academic counselor and he/she has completed the Maximum Timeframe Supplemental Information
section on the reverse of this form.
______ I have attached a typed personal statement explaining all of the following: the specific
circumstances that led to my academic deficiency FOR EACH SEMESTER THAT I DID NOT
MAKE PROGRESS, what has changed in my circumstances, and my plan of action to ensure that I
meet all SAP Policy requirements in the future. If I am filing for exceeding the maximum
timeframe, I have also explained why I have been unable to complete my program within the
allowed timeframe.
______ I have attached supporting documentation to verify my extenuating circumstances, such as: a
doctor’s note or other medical documentation, accident claim, police report, death certificate, or
other legal documents that I feel support my extenuating circumstance. I understand that
supporting documentation is required and lack of documentation may be grounds for denial.
______ I have attached a copy of my unofficial transcript, which is available on InSite Portal.
______ I have met with an Academic Counselor and attached a copy of my current Educational Plan,
including the current semester. My anticipated graduation date is _____/_____/______.
______ I understand that if my Appeal is incorrect, incomplete or not submitted by the deadline, it will be
denied for review and I may only submit one Appeal per semester. I also understand that it is my
responsibility to ensure that my Appeal is complete before I submit it. I agree that the
decision of the Appeal Committee is final and there is no higher appeal process. By signing
below, I certify that all statements above and all supporting documentation in this Appeal are true
and correct, to the best of my knowledge:
Student Signature: __________________________________________ Date: _______/_______/________
Student Name: _______________________________________ Student ID#: __________________________
Academic Major/Program: ______________________________ Phone #: _____________________________
Check this box ONLY if you are a current or former foster youth who was previously eligible for Chafee Grant
Reason for Appeal (check all that apply): My GPA is below 2.0
My completion rate is less than 67%
I have exceeded the maximum timeframe for my program
Term I am appealing for (check ONE): Fall 2019 Deadline to submit is Monday, November 4, 2019
Spring 2020 Deadline to submit is Monday, April 27, 2020
Summer 2020 Deadline to submit is Monday, July 13, 2020
This section is required ONLY IF you are filing this Appeal for exceeding the maximum timeframe. If
you are filing because your GPA is below 2.0 and/or your completion rate is less than 67%, leave this section
blank. Students who are filing an Appeal for exceeding the maximum timeframe must meet with an academic
counselor. Only your counselor should fill out the information below:
Academic Major: __________________________ Admitted to Nursing Program (if applicable): Yes No
Middle College HS units (if applicable) __________ Gateway to College units (if applicable) _________
Primary Educational Goal (check only ONE):
Vocational degree/Certificate program of 2 years or less_
Transfer to a 4-year institution without receiving AA/AS_
AA/AS without plans to transfer to a 4-year institution__
AA/AS and transfer to 4-year institution______________
Has the student attended any other postsecondary institutions? No Yes, those listed below:
Name of institution: _______________________________ Degree Applicable Units: _________
Name of institution: _______________________________ Degree Applicable Units: _________
Total number of ESL and remedial units completed at other institutions: __________
Total number of units remaining to complete the academic major confirmed above: ____________
Counselor Signature:___________________________ Counselor Printed Name:________________________
Date Signed by Counselor: ______/______/__________ Educational Plan attached