Section 1. Student Information
UA Student ID #:
2019-20 Parent In College Form
The University of Akron w Student Financial Aid w Akron, OH 44325-6211 w Fax: 330-972-7139
This form must be accompanied by the 2019-20 Special Circumstance Request Form, available here:
U.S. Department of Education regulations do not allow families to report parent enrollment in college when completing the FAFSA.
However, the regulations state that institutions may consider adjusting this information through the professional judgment (or special
circumstance) process.
If a parent meets the conditions below, the University of Akron will consider adjusting the student's FAFSA. Adjusting for full-time
parent enrollment often lowers students' Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and increases financial need but does not always result
in increased need-based assistance.
Section 3. Parent's School Certification - Records/Registration Office.
School official, please return to student in section 3 - do not submit to the University of Akron directly.
Signature of School Official:
Parent signature:
Section 2. Parent Information
Section 4. Submission. Submit this document with your 2019-20 Special Circumstance Request Form.
Electronic signatures will not be accepted.
Please print this form to sign before submitting.
Last name First name Middle Initial
I will attend college full-time for at least one semester of the 2019-20 academic year. Full-time status for undergraduate students is 12
credits. Check with your institution for the definition of full-time status for graduate students. At UA, it is 6 credits for graduate students.
I authorize the release of the information requested in Section 3.
My institution and my academic program are eligible to receive Federal Title IV funding. (Check with institution if unsure.)
Do not submit this form until you have gathered all other required documents/forms to avoid delays in processing. When all required documents
have been gathered, you may submit your information by: a) mail to the address below; b) fax to 330-972-7139; c) deliver to the Office of Student
Financial Aid, 2nd Floor, Simmons Hall; or d) upload your document(s) in the Student Center of MyAkron (under "Finances"). Watch for two-sided
documents. Be sure to include both sides when faxing. Do not email any documents with personally identifiable information.
Middle InitialFirst nameLast name
Name of parent's institution
To request this adjustment, the parent must meet both of the following conditions. Check all that apply:
Yes No
Is the parent named in section 2 above:
Formally admitted into a degree or certificate program?
Registered for at least one semester of the 2019-20 academic year?
Enrollment status:
Half-timeFull-time Less than half-time
Printed name and title of school official:
School Official's phone #: School Official's email address: