2016 Tangible Personal Property/Machinery & Tools
Return Instructions and Schedule
Philip J. Kellam, Commissioner of the Revenue
City Hall, 2401 Courthouse Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23456-9002
Tel: 757.385.4515/Fax: 757.385.4183/Email: business@VBgov.com
NOTICE: Every taxpayer owning such property on January 1, 2016 must report the
same on this return and file by March 1, 2016. No taxes are due at that time. *
To assist you in reporting the necessary information please read and respond to the following instructions carefully.
Did you own or operate a business on January 1, 2016? Yes No−If no, list date closed ___________________________
The reverse s
ide of this return contains a schedule to list ALL of the tangible personal property of your business in accordance
with the Code of Virginia, Title 58.1−3500 through 3664. You may create and attach a separate document containing the
information requested in the schedule on the reverse side of this return (Please follow the same format).
If you li
sted property on a prior CR−13 (tangible personal property return) that will be omitted from this year's filing, please
attach a list of disposals with an explanation of the omission and the date the property was disposed.
If the Comm
issioner of the Revenue currently classifies your business as a Manufacturer, Miner, Radio Broadcaster, or
Television Broadcaster, report only the machinery and tools used in those processes.
If declari
ng Machinery and Tools as "Idle" please identify in writing to the Commissioner of the Revenue by April 1st of the
current tax year a list of machinery and tools placed as "idle" for the preceding tax year.
If reporti
ng “none” please provide a detailed explanation for why you feel your business has no property as defined below.
Returns fi
led with same as last year” will not be accepted and will be returned to you as, “unable to process”.
Tangible personal property defined is, all property employed (used) in a trade of business. Please Include the following:
All office equipment, furniture, fixtures, furnishings, operating equipment, computers, peripherals, hand tools, power
Tools, books, machinery, and other such tangible property owned, leased, or made available
All tangible property given as a gift (to the best of your ability, confirm the fair market value upon receipt of the
All non−
licensed vehicles and trailers (Include yard vehicles, tractors, storage trailers, office trailers, etc.)
All item
s fully depreciated, but still in use
* This information is required under Chapter 35, Section 4 of the Code of Virginia Beach and Title 58.1−3900 et. seq. of the Code of Virginia
** This information is required under Title 58.1−3518 et. seq. of the Code of Virginia
2016 Schedule for Tangible Personal Property Machinery & Tools