City Of Ellsworth, Branch Lake
Boat Tag Application Form
One City Hall Plaza Ellsworth, ME 04605
(207) 669-6604 Fax: (207) 667-4908 Email:
Branch Lake Public Water Supply Protection Ordinance excerpts:
Purpose and Intent:
To protect Branch Lake, Ellsworth’s drinking water supply, from pollution and development, chemical contamination,
increased recreational and boating pressures, and invasive aquatic plants.
TAGS: All boats, including but not limited to powerboats, jet skis, sailboats, kayaks, and canoes, used on Branch
Lake must have a TAG (sticker). Tags can be obtained at City Hall or the City boat launch.
INSPECTION: All boats used on Branch Lake must first be INSPECTED for invasive aquatic plant matter.
Inspection waivers may be granted for resident boats that never leave Branch Lake. Please see Inspection Waiver
Form on the back if you think your boat(s) may be eligible.
Inspections are conducted at the City Boat Launch at the Branch Lake Launch, located off the Happytown Road. For
information on how to get an inspection if the City Boat Launch is closed, call (207) 669-6615. You are invited to take
a free training seminar to become a self-inspector. Contact the City of Ellsworth for more information and schedule.
Self-inspectors may inspect and issue permits for boats belonging to themselves & others provided that the boats
have valid Ellsworth boat tags.
PERMITS, issued by boat inspectors, attest that a boat inspection was conducted and that no plants or plant
fragments were found.
All fees have been waived for the 2016 boating season.
Name of Boat Owner: ____________________________
Mailing Address: ________________________________
City: _______________ State: ______ Zip:____________
Phone: ________________________________________
Email: _________________________________________
Amount of boats of above owner needing tags: _________
Check if interested in a course on boat self-inspection.
I certify that I have read this form and that the information I have provided is accurate.
Signature: ___________________________ Date: __________
It is illegal to pollute the waters of Branch Lake with invasive aquatic plants. Any violation of
the provisions set forth in the Ellsworth Public Water Supply Protection Ordinance may result
in a penalty of up to $2,500. To report a violation, call (207) 667-2155.
If your boat(s) stays on Branch
Lake, see the Inspection Waiver
form on the back of this page.