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Subscription Services Agreement
Please read the information included in this Subscription Services Agreement carefully and return by fax. The initial subscription
fee of $100.00 allows access for up to 10 users to all Nebraska.gov services and products for one year. Thereafter, an annual
subscription fee of $100.00 will be billed to your account on its anniversary. Renewal is automatic unless Nebraska.gov is
notified in writing prior to the subscription renewal period. Current pricing for these records can be found on the
Nebraska.gov website at http://www.nebraska.gov/subscriber/basicservices.html
As additional services become available, pricing information for searching, filing or record reviewing will be posted. Certain
records are subject to the restrictions access and use. Notification of these restrictions will occur before accessing these
records. Accessing these records without proper authorization may subject you to penalties defined by state and federal law.
If you have any questions, please contact customer service at 1.800.747.8177. I have read and agree to the
terms and conditions of the Nebraska.gov Subscription Services Agreement.
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Revised 10/15/2015