Fill in the Map Out Your Site worksheet
Decide which pages you will include on your website
Lesson 1: Map Out Your Site
Collect all the content you'll use to build out your site elements (high quality photos,
testimonials, case studies, portfolio pieces, stats, features, blog posts and credentials)
Website That Wows Course Checklist | © Louise Henry
Bookmark the course login page
Join the Website That Wows Student Facebook Group
Bookmark Squarespace Support
M O D U L E 1 : S I T E S T R A T E G Y
Bookmark the demo website link to refer back to any time you need!
Lesson 2: Demo Website
Lesson 3: Client-Winning Elements
Lesson 4: Website In A Week Plan
M O D U L E 2 : S I T E B R A N D I N G
Fill in the Brand Clarity worksheet
Lesson 1: Brand Clarity
Take the quiz
Write down your results
Lesson 2: Brand Style Quiz
Watch your inbox for your Squarespace Contributor Invitation
Website That Wows Course Checklist | © Louise Henry 2021
M O D U L E 2 C O N T I N U E D
Select your website template and submit the request form
Lesson 3: Your Website Template
While waiting on your template install, complete modules 2 and 3
Lesson 4: Choose Your Brand Colours
Fill in the brand colours worksheet
Lesson 5: How to Use Canva
Select 3 brand colours (1 light, 1 dark, 1 accent)
Lesson 7: DIY Your Logo
Lesson 6: Add Brand Colours to Canva
Sign up for Canva Pro
Add your brand colours to your brand kit in Canva
Create your logo in Canva
Download it as a PNG file with a transparent background
M O D U L E 3 : L E A R N S Q U A R E S P A C E
Lesson 1: Intro to Squarespace
Get comfortable with how content blocks work
Lesson 2: Pages & Sections
Website That Wows Course Checklist | © Louise Henry 2021
M O D U L E 3 C O N T I N U E D
Lesson 5: Working With Photos
Lesson 4: Easy Edit Guide
Lesson 3: Content Blocks
Lesson 8: How Links Work
Lesson 7: Website Design Rules
Lesson 6: Adding Galleries
Accept Contributor Invitation from us
Lesson 1: Your Template
M O D U L E 4 : H O M E P A G E F I R S T
Open up your website template!
Use the Canva templates to make a copy of your website graphics
Lesson 2: All Template Graphics
Lesson 3: Add Brand Colours
Input your brand colours (from your Brand Colour Worksheet) to your website
Choose your Squarespace fonts
Lesson 4: Customize Fonts
Lesson 5: Copy Tips
Customize your header
Lesson 6: Your Navigation
Website That Wows Course Checklist | © Louise Henry 2021
M O D U L E 4 C O N T I N U E D
Lesson 7: Homepage Banner
Lesson 10: Adding Animations
Lesson 9: Your Footer
Lesson 8: Homepage
Upload your logo
Build Your Homepage Banner
Make sure all buttons have a clear call to action
Build out your homepage and customize all copy
Customize the newsletter block and connect it to the default mailing list
Customize all graphics and elements to match your brand colours
Connect your newsletter block
Edit Your Footer
Decide what social channels you want on your site and link them to the button in your footer
Set up any animations (optional)
Lesson 11: Add Parallax
Add parallax to your site (optional)
Lesson 12: Finalize Your Homepage
Review your homepage and make sure you are happy with how it looks
Lesson 1: About
Website That Wows Course Checklist | © Louise Henry 2021
M O D U L E 5 : B U I L D Y O U R P A G E S
Lesson 2: Work With Me
Lesson 6: Hosting Free Discovery Calls
Lesson 4: Your Blog
Lesson 3: Contact
Build your About page
Build your Work With Me page
Decide whether you are going to launch with a blog or not
Customize your contact page
Create your landing page
Lesson 5: Freebie Landing & Thank You Page
Connect the landing page with the thank you page
Create your thank you page
Set up the Zoom integration
Create any additional pages you need
Lesson 7: Additional Pages
Lesson 1: Quick Blog Tour
Create your blog
M O D U L E 6 : B L O G G I N G
Lesson 2: Main Blog Page
Customize your main blog page
Lesson 3: Individual Blog Posts
Website That Wows Course Checklist | © Louise Henry 2021
M O D U L E 6 C O N T I N U E D
Lesson 4: Blog Signature
Lesson 8: Change Blog Post Author
Lesson 7: Blog Post Template
Lesson 5: Tags & Categories
Customize your individual blog posts
Create your blog signature
Decide what categories you want and add those to your blog
Decide what tags you want and add those to your blog
Add related posts to your blog (optional)
Lesson 6: Add Related Posts
Create your blog post template
Change your blog post author
Lesson 1: Upgrade + 20% Discount Code
Upgrade to a paid Squarespace account
M O D U L E 7 : T E C H S E T U P
Lesson 2: Choose Your Domain
Complete the Choose Your Domain worksheet (optional)
Do a quick Google, Namechk and Trademark search of your domain
Pick a custom domain name
Lesson 3: Purchase Your Domain
Website That Wows Course Checklist | © Louise Henry 2021
M O D U L E 7 C O N T I N U E D
Lesson 4: Connect Your Domain
Lesson 5: Pro Email Address
Purchase a professional domain
Connect your domain to Squarespace
Sign up for a pro email address
Lesson 1: Email Marketing Tech
Decide which email marketing software you are going to use (you can always change this later!)
M O D U L E 8 : M A R K E T I N G
Lesson 2: Account Setup
Create your Sender Profile
Verify your domain
Verify your email
Lesson 3: Create Your freebie
Create your PDF freebie
Download as a PDF
Lesson 4: Deliver Your Freebie
Upload your PDF to Squarespace
Set up your delivery email
Lesson 5: Complete Your Email Funnel
Write emails 2-5
Add emails 2-5 to Squarespace
Website That Wows Course Checklist | © Louise Henry 2021
M O D U L E 8 C O N T I N U E D
Lesson 6: How to Email Your List
Learn how to send weekly newsletters to your list
M O D U L E 9 : S E L L I N G P R O D U C T S
Lesson 2: Add Site Pop-Up
Add a pop-up to your website to grow your email list
Adjust the settings for each sign-up form on your website
Lesson 8: Sign-up Forms
Download & save the checklist to your computer
Lesson 9: Marketing Success Checklist
Lesson 1: General Product Guidelines
Decide whether or not you will have a shop page on your website
Lesson 2: Create Digital Products
Create your shop/store in Squarespace
Set-up and configure your first digital product (optional)
Create a mockup for your digital product (optional)
View and customize your digital download confirmation email (optional)
Lesson 3: Create Service Products
Set up and configure your first service product (optional)
Lesson 4: Create Physical Products
Set up and configure your first physical product (optional)
Set up shipping options for your shop (if you set up physical products)
Website That Wows Course Checklist | © Louise Henry 2021
M O D U L E 9 C O N T I N U E D
Lesson 5: Commerce Settings
Complete all commerce settings
M O D U L E 1 0 : S E O A N D L E G A L
View and configure all Customer Notification emails
Customize your individual product page
Lesson 6: Customize Your Product Page
Add tags & categories to each of your products
Lesson 7: How to Organize Products
Lesson 8: Customize Your Shop Page
Customize your shop page
Lesson 9: Customize Your Checkout Page
Customize your checkout page
Connect payment options
Lesson 10: Add Buttons to Sales Pages
Add a product button to your Work With Me Page
Lesson 11: Sales Follow-up Emails
Add a product follow-up email sequence (optional)
Lesson 1: Finalize All Images
Finalize all website images
Lesson 2: What is SEO?
Lesson 3: Keyword Targeting
Use Ubersuggest to find 2-3 SEO phrases and blog post topics
Website That Wows Course Checklist | © Louise Henry 2021
M O D U L E 1 0 C O N T I N U E D
Lesson 4: SEO In Squarespace
Fill in the Keyword Research worksheet
Delete any demo pages you aren't using
Add keywords to Site Title
Complete the SEO tab on all pages
Ensure all Page Titles + Navigation Titles + URL slugs are clean and the same
Fill in your Business Information
Complete your SEO Site Description (under Marketing)
Complete the Filename for each image and create a caption
Ensure SSL is "Active"
Lesson 5: SEO In Google
Paste the Tracking ID Into Squarespace
Sign up for Google Analytics
Submit your sitemap in Google Search Console
Connect your account in Squarespace
Lesson 6: Blogging SEO Checklist
Go through the Blog Post Checklist every time you publish a blog post
Lesson 7: Legal Pages
Add Your Terms of Service
Add Your Privacy Policy
Add your Cookie Notice
Add your Disclaimer
Website That Wows Course Checklist | © Louise Henry 2021
M O D U L E 1 0 C O N T I N U E D
Lesson 8: What Google Loves
Get backlinks we want different, quality sites linking back to you
Create frequent, high-quality blog content
Lesson 1: Create Your Favicon
Download it as a PNG file
Create your favicon
Run your website through the Facebook Debugger
Upload your Favicon to Squarespace
Lesson 2: Fix Facebook Image
Upload your Social Sharing Logo
Lesson 3: Link Everything
Ensure your announcement bar is connected to the correct page link
Ensure all page settings (Page Title, Navigation Title, and URL slug) are clean and matching
Check that your newsletter blocks are connected to the right storage
Check that all site buttons are linked correctly
M O D U L E 1 1 : L A U N C H !
Check to ensure your forms are connected to the correct email
Lesson 5: Website Checklist
Complete the Website Checklist
Lesson 6: Launch Your Website!
Celebrate + share with us!!
Website That Wows Course Checklist | © Louise Henry 2021
Submit a testimonial!
Sign up to become an affiliate!
Share your newly launched site with the Facebook group!
How to identify a font from a website
How to crop photos into circles
How to edit your footer
How to embed a PDF in Squarespace
Create a slideshow with text
How to change text colour on 1 page
White background trick
Add extra share buttons
Create a bilingual site
Add custom fonts to Squarespace
Add a blog sidebar
F A Q + A D V A N C E D L E S S O N S
Advanced customizations