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Medical Sonography
Program Checklist
As a limited enrollment program, the Medical Sonography program has a selective, competitive admission
process and includes additional requirements over and above admission to Wake Tech Community College.
Please make sure you have met all requirements below before submitting your Medical Sonography clinical
Complete the NC Residency determination at
Once you have your RCN, complete the Wake Tech application at
Complete a mandatory Sonography information session. Go to for more
information. Students must complete information session before meeting with a health sciences admissions and
academic advisor.
AP/CLEP scores: Submit official AP or CLEP scores for credit (if applicable)
Submit ALL educational transcripts. If you have college transcripts, verify transcripts are evaluated. Log in to
WebAdvisor. Go to Current Curriculum Students Plan and Register My Progress. Any courses with grades
starting with “T” are courses that transferred to Wake Tech. If your course is not there, please email It is the student’s responsibility to follow up with Student Records for transfer credit.
Prerequisites: The following classes must be completed by the clinical application deadline with a grade of “C” or
better to be eligible to submit the clinical application:
BIO 163 Anatomy & Physiology or BIO 168 & BIO 169 (within 5 years of 1st SON class)
PHY 110 & PHY 110A Conceptual Physics & Lab or college level physics with lab
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry
MAT 152 or MAT 171 or equivalent math class (within 10 years of 1
SON class)
ENG 112 OR COM 110 OR COM 120 OR COM 231
Take the TEAS test by application deadline.
Register to take the TEAS test at
Scores are good for three years. You can view retest policies at
Submit official scores through if TEAS taken at another college
NC Nurse Aide: Be listed on the NC Nurse Aide Registry,, as a Nurse Aide I by application deadline.
GPA requirement: Wake Tech pre-Sonography program GPA must be a 2.0 or higher to submit application.
Submit Medical Sonography clinical application:
Application deadline January 31 for Fall SON entry
Application deadline July 31 for Spring SON entry
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Medical Sonography
Program Checklist
Competitive Admissions Process
Applicants will be assigned points for non-clinical (non-SON) courses that are part of the Associate Degree Medical
Sonography curriculum and are completed by the application deadline.
January 31 application deadline: points will be accrued for classes completed through the prior fall semester.
July 31 application deadline: points will be accrued through the summer semester.
How to Calculate Your Points
ENG 111
ENG or COM elect.
HUM/ FA elect.
PSY 150
MAT 152 or 171
PHY 110/110a
BIO 163
A 12
A 12
A 12
A - 12
A - 12
A 12
A 12
B 10
B 10
B 10
B 10
B 10
B 10
B 10
C - 8
C - 8
C - 8
C - 8
C - 8
C 8
C - 8
HUM/FA electives include: ART 111, ART 114, ART 115, HUM 110, HUM 115,MUS 110, MUS 112, PHI 215, PHI 240
You can speak with a Health Sciences admissions and academic advisor for other options.
Additional points will be awarded for the following:
TEAS test: Based on the TEAS composite scores, points will be awarded as follows:
0-62 composite score = 0 points
6370 composite score = 3 points
71-80 composite score = 6pts
81-90 composite score = 12pts
91+ composite score = 20 pts
Applicants will receive 2 (two) points for reapplying and submitting the clinical application. The 2 (two) points are
only awarded once.
Applicants will be awarded 2 (two) points for the completion of an Allied Health related degree. Official transcripts
must be submitted. Points are awarded based on the Imaging department head’s approval. Verification that
program had a clinical component with required patient contact must be submitted with the Medical Sonography
clinical application.
Please note the following:
For Health Science programs, grades of “C” or better are required in all program-related curriculum classes. If you
earn below a “C”, you must retake the class.
To receive points for MAT 152 or MAT 171, the class must be completed within 10 (ten) years of the first SON class.
To receive points for BIO 163 (Anatomy & Physiology), the class must be completed within 5 (five) years of the
first SON class. If you completed BIO 168 and BIO 169, the 5 year deadline is based on the BIO 169 date.
If students receive credit based on AP, CLEP, or DANTES exam scores, points will be awarded equivalent to a “B”
10 points. AP, CLEP, or DANTES exams will not be accepted for BIO classes.
Wake Technical Community College is constantly evaluating the admissions
procedures and reserves the right to make changes as the need arises.