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By signing below, you authorize us to bill your Kinecta Federal Credit Union Credit Card indicated above in the amount(s) indicated. We will advise you if we are unable to process your request for any
reason. Balance transfer request(s) are treated as “Purchases” under your Credit Card Agreement. Balance transfer request(s) are subject to credit availability and qualification as a member in good
standing. This balance transfer request cannot be used for repayment of any Kinecta loans. As provided in your Credit Card Agreement, failure to pay the full balance of your account by your Payment
Due Date may result in the loss of any grace period. Your balance transfer request may result in payment of the financial institutions above up to thirty (30) days after submission of this form; you
should continue to pay all accounts when due. You are solely responsible for closing your accounts when paid; they may not close automatically even if they are paid in full. We are not responsible for
any charges bill to you by the financial institutions to which you transfer funds. Other rules and limitations may apply as provided in your Credit Card Agreement or as provided by your other financial
institutions. We reserve the right to verify your balance transfer request.
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