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Transcripts from Palomar are not automatically mailed. If you wish to
send a transcript, please submit a Transcript Request Form.
Commencement Ceremony information can be found on the Palomar
Please Note: Certificates of Proficiency (CP) are not conferred at the annual
Commencement Ceremony, and do not appear on the transcript.
Course Substitution/Waiver forms
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Transfer Certification: University Studies and Associates for Transfer
degrees require full certification in either CSUGE or IGETC
UC IGETC (If you took foreign language in high school, unoffical transcript must be on file)
CSU General Education certification
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DIPLOMA NAME: The name on your diploma/certificate will appear EXACTLY as it appears in your Palomar College eServices. To change your name, obtain and submit the Student
Data Change form in-person at the Admissions Office, located at any Education Center. Changes to name, date of birth, or social security number will require legal picture ID and
social security card.
MAILING ADDRESS: Your diploma/certificate will be sent to your mailing address as listed in Palomar College eServices. If you have an address change, you must update your
mailing address in your student eServices account. We do not assume responsibility for degrees and/or certificates sent to the wrong address. Duplicate diplomas may be
purchased through the Evaluations Office. There is a charge of $15.00 each per duplicate diploma or certificate.
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