, an agency of the United
Legal Name of Governmental Entity
States government, or an agency, board, commission, or instrumentality of the State of Louisiana or its political subdivisions, including
parishes, municipalities and school boards, does hereby designate the following contractor as its agent for the purpose of making sales
tax exempt purchases on behalf of the governmental body:
Name of Contractor
City State ZIP
This designation of agency shall be effective for purchases of component construction materials, taxable services and leases and rentals
of tangible personal property for the following named construction project:
Construction Project Contract Number
This designation and acceptance of agency is effective for the period
Beginning Date (mm/dd/yyyy) End Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
Purchases for the named project during this period by the designated contractor shall be considered as the legal equivalent of purchases
directly by the governmental body. Any materials purchased by this agent shall immediately, upon the vendor’s delivery to the agent,
become the property of this government entity. This government entity, as principal, assumes direct liability to the vendor for the payment
of any property, services, leases, or rentals made by this designated agent. This agreement does not void or supersede the obligations of
any party created under any construction contract related to this project, including specically any contractual obligation of the construc-
tion contractor to submit payment to the vendors of materials or services for the project.
This contractor-agent is not authorized to delegate this purchasing agency to others; separate designations of agency by
this governmental entity are required for each contractor or sub-contractor who is to purchase on behalf of this governmen-
tal entity. The undersigned hereby certify that this designation is the entirety of the agency designation agreement between
them. In order for a purchase for an eligible governmental entity through a designated agent to be eligible for sales tax exemp-
tion, the designation of agency must be made, accepted, and disclosed to the vendor before or at the time of the purchase
Designation of Agency Acceptance of Agency
Signature of Authorized Designator Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Signature of Contractor or Subcontractor Authorized Acceptor Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
Name of Authorized Designator Name of Contractor’s or Subcontractor’s Acceptor
Name of Governmental Entity Name of Contractor
Address Address
City State ZIP City State ZIP
This designation of agency form, when properly executed by both the contractor and the governmental entity, shall serve as evidence
of the sales tax exempt status that has been conferred onto the contractor. No other exemption certicate form is necessary to claim
exemption from sales taxes. The agency agreement evidenced by this sales tax exemption certicate must be implemented at the time
of contract execution with the governmental entity. The contract between the governmental entity and his agent must contain provisions
to authenticate the conferment of agency.
Designation of Construction Contractor
as Agent of a Governmental Entity
Sales Tax Exemption Certicate
R-1020 (4/12)