Invoice No: …………..
Request for a reservation on - Day & Date: _________________________________________________
Time from______________________ am / pm to _____________________ am / pm
Please be aware that you must book from the time you require access to the hall until the time you
expect to vacate, not just for the duration of your event.
For the purpose of holding: _____________________________________________________________
Name of Hirer: Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms _______________________________________________________
Company (if applicable): ________________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
_________________________________________________ Postcode: __________________________
Day Tel. no: _______________________________ Evening Tel. No: __________________________
E-mail Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Cinema Equip: _____ P.A. System: _____ Projector & Screen: _____ Stage: _____
The following questions MUST be answered:
Sub letting facility? YES / NO
Do you have appropriate Safeguarding Policy for this booking? YES / NO
(If NO you will need to agree to Thatcham Town Council’s Policy and Relevant Guidance. See Hire
Will music be played at the event? (If yes please specify whether live or recorded) YES / NO
Do you or your organisation hold a music licence? (If yes please provide a copy) YES / NO
Do you or your organisation hold a Public Liability Insurance Policy? YES / NO
(If yes a copy may be requested)
Will you be having a bouncy castle on the premises? YES / NO
Will alcohol be consumed on the premises? YES / NO
Will alcohol be sold on the premises? YES / NO
(If yes you will need to seek permission from Thatcham Town Council in order for alcohol to be sold on the
premises and a Temporary Event Notice will be required)
Thatcham Town Council reserves the right to terminate any function where any of the conditions of
hire are contravened. No compensation will be paid to the Hirer in such a case and the deposit may
be forfeited.
I / We confirm I have read and understand the terms and conditions of hire. I understand that failure
to comply with any or all of the conditions of hire may result in forfeiture of part or all of the deposit.
I confirm that I am aged 18 years or above.
I agree that I have read and understand Thatcham Town Councils Privacy Notice. I agree by
signing below that Thatcham Town Council may process my personal information for providing
information and corresponding with me.
I have the right to request modification of the information that you keep on record.
Signed: __________________________________________________________
Print: __________________________________________________________
Date: __________________________________________________________
Please specify to whom you would like your refundable deposit return cheque to be made payable:
For Office Use:
Hire charge: _______________ Deposit: _______________ Total Due: ____________
First payment received:______________________ Second payment received:__________________
Payment Method:__________________________ Payment Method:_________________________
Amount:_________________________________ Amount:________________________________
Receipt Number:__________________________ Receipt Number:_________________________
Refundable deposit deduction:_________________________________________________________
Cheque no: _________________________________ £ _________________________________
Reason for deposit deduction__________________________________________________________
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