1. What are you applying for?
Extension of time to issue Code Compliance Certificate
Extension of time to commence works
2. Where is the building?
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Street address
Legal description:
3. When/where was the building consent issued?
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Building consent number:
Date issued:
Issued by: (name of
building consent authority)
4. Who owns the building?
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Owner name: Title: e.g. Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr
Owner mailing address:
Owner email address:
Owner contact numbers: PH: Cell:
5. Why is an extension required?
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New start date:
Expected completion:
6. Signature
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Owner name:
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Once you have filled out the form, including signatures, please save the application to your computer. You can then
submit the application with supporting documentation to your local council.
If you are unsure about what information to include in your application, a guidance document is available (click here).
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