State of New Jersey
Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Fish and Wildlife
Application for New Jersey State Record Fish
1. Fish must be caught off New Jersey’s coast or any other marine waters. Species taken from
a boat must have been caught from a boat that left from and returned to a New Jersey port during
the same trip.
2. Fish must have been caught on sporting tackle, hooked and landed by entrant. For lobsters
and crabs, hand-harvesting, traps and hand lines are acceptable catch methods.
3. New Jersey state records are determined by weight alone. There are no line classes.
4. Fish must be weighed on a certified scale as soon as possible. A copy of the current scale
Registration Certificate and valid Inspection/Test Report issued by the County Office of Weights
and Measures is required to achieve record status.
5. A clear, side-view color photograph of the fish must be submitted. All photo entries become
property of the Division of Fish and Wildlife and will not be returned.
6. Entry MUST be inspected by a marine biologist for identification purposes. Call the
Division’s Nacote Creek Research Station at 609-748-2020 to make arrangements. The fish will
need to be brought to this office. In the case of extremely large fish (i.e.,sharks and tunas), a
biologist will be available for dockside inspection. Fishes should be kept refrigerated prior to
7. Application MUST be submitted within one month of catch.
Please note that 61 species of marine fish are currently eligible for entry inthe Record Fish Program.
Anglers are reminded that the objective of the Record Fish Program is to increase the awareness of
fishing opportunities for species that are regularly sought after and routinely found in the freshwaters
or off the coast of New Jersey.
Print Form
Application Must Be Filled Out Completely
The following is submitted for consideration as a New Jersey State Record Fish:
Species: _______________________________________________________________________
Weight: _______________ lbs. ___________ oz.
Length in inches: ______________________________________ in.
(Tip of jaw with mouth closed to tip of tail)
Girth in inches:________________________________________ in.
(Thickest portion around fish)
Date caught: _______________________________________________________________
Place caught: ______________________________________________________________
Method of catch (trolling, casting, etc.): ________________________________________
Harvested from: Boat Shore Surf Jetty
Other (specify): _____________________________________________________________________
Boat name: _________________________________________________________________________
Captain: ____________________________________________________________________________
Type of rod: ______________________________ Type of reel: ________________________________
Line Test: _______ lbs. Type of Line: ________________ Lure/Bait used: ______________________
Important: This section must be filled out completely. A copy of the current scale Registration
Certificate and valid Inspection/Test Report issued by the County of Weights and Measures must
accompany this application.
I hereby certify that on ____________________________________________________________
I weighed a __________________________________________________________________that
Was brought in by ________________________________________________________________.
(Angler’s Name)
I found the weight to be _________________ lbs. _______________oz.
I further certify that the scale on which this fish was weighed was tested and its accuracy certified within
the 12 months prior to this weigh-in by the Superintendent of Weights and Measures of
_____________________________________________ County.
Scale certification number: _____________________________________________________________
Date of last certification: _______________________________________________________________
Signed: _____________________________________________________________________________
(Person weighing the fish)
Witnessed by: ________________________________________________________________________
(Store manager/employee)
Store/Business name: __________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________
Telephone Number:____________________________________________________________________
Species Verification (To be completed by NJDFW biologist)
Species: ____________________________________________________________________________
Identified by: ________________________________________________________________________
Title: _________________________________________________ Date: _______________________
Angler Affidavit
I, the undersigned, attest that the fish described in this application was hooked and landed by me without
assistance and that it was caught in New Jersey waters or from a boat that immediately left from and
returned to a New Jersey port, and that all aspects of the harvest conform to federal and NJ State Law and
the rules and regulations pertaining to saltwater fishing.
Angler’s Name: ______________________________________________________________________
(Please print)
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________
Phone: _______________________________________________________________________________
Angler’s Signature: ____________________________________________________________________
Sworn before me this _____________day of ___________________ 20___________________________
Notary Public of New Jersey
My commission expires: ________________________________________________________________
Submit application to:
Record Fish Program
NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife
605 Pequest Rd.
Oxford, NJ 07863