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V12 27052020
Employment Verification Form & Checklist
PAYG Checklist All four steps must be completed
(Yes or No)
(Yes or No)
Google the Employer to ensure they exist and to obtain the
phone number to call for employment verification
Screen shot of Google Search
/website to be kept on loan file
Check ABN validity via & confirm ABN
on payslip matches ABN on the PAYG summary. (If you have PAYG
summary). Pay slips also must be kept on file.
Payslip and screen shot of ABN
search to be kept on file.
Call the client’s employer to confirm the client’s employment.
E.g. income, length of service, position etc
Employment Verification Form to
be fully completed & kept on file
Collect transaction statements from the client that show salary
credited into their bank account (check that the amount & date
on payslip matches the amount deposited into their account)
Transaction statements with salary
deposited that matches payslip, to
be kept on file
Employment Verification
Name of Employer (Company Name)
Phone Number (Find number on Google. Dont use a
phone number the client has given you)
Name of Applicant
Details of conversation with the Applicant’s Employer
Occupation of applicant
Employment start date
Employment status e.g. full time
Salary amount
Full name of person you are verifying
information with and their position e.g. HR
Date and time of verification
Comments (If you were unable to contact the employer
please comment on how you attempted to call them)
Self Employed Clients Income Checks - All steps must be completed (except the last one which is best practice and recommended)
How did you receive the tax returns? e.g. Direct from the accountant or
client. If emailed to you, have you kept a copy of the email?
Copy of the email
to be kept on
Check the validity of the ABN and Google the Company
Screenshots to be
kept on file
Complete a Banned and Disqualified search on the accountant. - click on Banned and Disqualified Link on right hand side of page / click on
the “Search the Banned and Disqualified Register” button / where the option is to “search
within” select Banned and Disqualified from the dropdown box and then enter the first and
last name of the accountant / Then click “Go”
Screenshot to be
kept on file
If the tax returns didn’t come directly from the accountant what
was the date, time and who you spoke to when you called the
accountant to confirm the authenticity of the documents?
Low Doc only - If loan is low doc what was the date, time & who
you spoke to when you called the accountant to confirm the
income on the accountants declaration?
Not compulsory - Best practice is to ask the accountant for a copy of the ATO Tax Portal
Name of
of Verifier