Lesson Objective:
Adapted from District of Columbia Public Schools LEAP materials
Word Selection: Which words are crucial to understanding the text, supporting comprehension, applying major themes
and central ideas, and/or providing children with more specific word choices for a commonly used word?
Accurate and Student-Friendly Definition: Does this definition capture the essential characteristics of the word in
language accessible to students? Does it avoid inaccuracy caused by oversimplifying the word’s meaning?
Parameters of Use: What parameters of use (common use, word partners, forms and prefixes) are essential to take
into account to ensure that students use and apply the word accurately?
Contextualization: What semantic, syntactic, and pragmatic information within and outside of the text will help
students access the word’s meaning and result in a deeper understanding of the word?
Active Practice: How will this practice ensure students master both meaning and usage? Does the practice include
multiple exposures to the word through varied practice?