I am an applicant for employment with Wichita State University (hereinafter “University”) and I recognize and understand
the need for the University to be fully informed as to my fitness for employment, including education, academic
credentials, background information and prior employment record.
In specific reference to my application for employment, I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, all
information provided by me to the University throughout the search and selection process is true, correct and complete. I
acknowledge and understand that providing false, inaccurate or misleading information will be sufficient and complete
justification to reject my application and make me ineligible for future consideration for employment with Wichita State
University or termination from employment, if the hiring decision was based or premised, in any way, on false, inaccurate
or misleading information provided by me or on my behalf.
I acknowledge and understand that representatives of the University may choose to contact individuals other than those
persons whom I have or will indicate as my references and I hereby authorize and consent to such contact. I am also
advised and understand that offers of employment are contingent upon satisfactory criminal background check (as
required by Kansas Board of Regents Policy), educational credential verification, and, in some cases, a credit check. In
the event a criminal background check (or credit report) is deemed to require consideration of an adverse decision
regarding my employment with Wichita State University, I will be provided with a copy of the report[s] and a description in
writing of my rights under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.
In consideration of the opportunity to be considered for employment with the University, I hereby specifically consent to
and authorize a criminal background check (and/or credit report), and do hereby authorize all past and current employers,
academic institutions, and other appropriate persons or entities to release to the University and its representatives,
information regarding me, my employment history and/or my education, including transcripts and other information
considered to be education records under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, that will reasonably
assist the University in considering my abilities, experience and qualifications for the position being sought.
This authorization and release is valid from the date set out below and shall remain valid for a period of ninety (90) days
following the date of signature. A copy of this authorization and release is as valid as the original.
I understand that in the event I accept a contingent offer of employment with the University, I will be provided a link by
email to the Validity website where I will make application for a background check through the services of Validity, the
company performing background checks for the University.
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