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The world-wide Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic (the “Emergency”), with ongoing governmental
policy changes, is impacting every aspect of real estate business and transactions. This unforeseen and
unanticipated Emergency may render performance of contractual obligations difficult or impossible. The parties
acknowledge that this Emergency is evolving daily; accordingly, this agreement is subject to any federal, state
or local directives that override or alter applicable law, in which case to the extent practical, this agreement shall
be automatically amended so as to conform with federal, state or local directives as they become effective.
The undersigned agree(s) as follows:
1. Seller agrees that the Property will be made available to be physically shown to a potential buyer
and/or their agent or inspected by a home inspector, appraiser or other third party during the
Emergency (collectively the “Visiting Party”). The Visiting Party, their guests, invitees or others
entering the Property with or on their behalf agree to enter the Property at their own risk.
2. Visiting Party agrees to take and to ensure that all persons entering the Property with them or on
their behalf take reasonable precautions to protect Seller, Broker, Broker’s agents and Visiting
Party against exposure to or the possibility of contracting COVID-19 by complying with federal,
state and local directives and guidelines pertaining to the Emergency including, but not limited to,
“The President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America” and guidance from the Centers for Disease
Control (CDC), in addition to other federal, state and local directives or orders.
3. The undersigned also agrees to immediately inform Broker if Visiting Party or person visiting the
Property with or on Visiting Party’s behalf is diagnosed with a confirmed case of COVID-19, or if
Visiting Party or any person visiting the Property with Visiting Party has had direct contact within
the past 14 days with an individual with a confirmed case of COVID-19 (irrespective of whether
such party shows signs of sickness).
The undersigned agree(s) to hold the brokerage and their agents harmless from all claims for damages
arising out of or relating to this Emergency; the condition of the Property; entry into the Property by the
Visiting Party, any person(s) accompanying a Visiting Party, or any agent or third party entering the
Property on Visiting Party’s behalf; or the availability of the Property for showing or inspection.
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