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This Information Sheet provides an overview of the James Cook University (JCU) Rural Generalist Program
(RGP) for allied health professionals and provides details of organisational support requirements for
participants being admitted to the RGP.
Program overview
A ‘rural generalist’ health professional delivers a broad range of healthcare services to meet the needs of a
rural or remote community. Rural generalists usually provide care across the lifespan, work in different
healthcare settings, and in geographically dispersed and culturally diverse communities. Rural generalists aim
to deliver high quality, safe, effective and efficient services as close to the consumer’s community as possible.
James Cook University in collaboration with QUT and the Allied Health Professions’ Office of Queensland has
developed the Rural Generalist Program (RGP) for seven professions: occupational therapy, nutrition and
dietetics, physiotherapy, medical imaging, pharmacy, podiatry and speech pathology.
The RGP is a work integrated learning pathway consisting of two domains: Rural Service Delivery and Rural
Generalist Practice. An overview of the structure of the RGP and module selection requirements can be
accessed via the JCU website.
Level 1 Rural Generalist Program (pathway)
The Level 1 RGP (pathway) requires completion of 12 modules. Each module is 6 weeks in duration and
requires 22 hours of study time. Participants who successfully complete 12 modules will be eligible to
receive a Certificate of Completion. The Certificate of Completion can be used as supporting documentation
in an application for 6 credit points of advanced standing on entry to the Level 2 RGP course.
How to Apply
Participants apply through the JCU online application portal which can be accessed on the RGP website:
. Participants must attach a completed RGP Authority Form and relevant academic
transcript to their application. Successful applicants will receive an offer letter. Once participants accept their
offer and are admitted to the program, a JCU staff member will liaise with the participant to process their
individual module enrolments.
The fee for each module in the Level 1 RGP is $650 (GST excl). Multiple payment options are available and
participants are required to complete the RGP Authority Form to indicate payment method. This form must be
attached to the participant’s application through the JCU online application portal. Modules can be paid for
one at a time. Payment method may be changed at any point through notification to dthm.aqs@jcu.edu.au
Refer to the Fees and Admission Dates menu on the RGP website for further information.
In addition to module enrolment fees, the participant or employers may also incur costs for attending
suggested training courses that are available outside the RGP, purchasing study materials and resources, and
for telecommunications and data costs associated with the online learning study mode. The Level 1 RGP has
no mandatory travel requirements to attend face-to-face teaching at JCU.
Duration and study schedule
The Level 1 RGP is self-paced. It is currently planned to offer each module three times per year, though this
may be varied due to demand. Participants can apply to be admitted to the RGP as indicated on the JCU RGP
website: www.jcu.edu.au/rgp
. It is possible to complete the program in approximately 12 months by studying
multiple modules simultaneously. The maximum allowed duration of enrolment is 24 months. Module study
planners can be accessed under the Resources tab on the JCU RGP website:
Employer Support Requirements
Please complete page 3 and submit this document with your online
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Organisational support requirements
The Level 1 RGP (pathway) is a work integrated learning program, which requires organisations to commit to
supporting participants who are enrolled in the program. Participants will require access to the following:
Formal professional support
The participant will engage in regular, formal professional supervision or mentoring with a senior profession-
specific colleague consistent with requirements for early career practitioners in the employing organisation.
Most supervision models recommend approximately one hour per week is allocated for inexperienced
ocal work integrated learning support
An experienced health professional of the same profession as the participant will be co-located or highly
accessible (onsite and available >50% work hours). The health professional should have or be developing skills
in training and education. The role is anticipated to require 60-90 mins per week of learning-focussed
engagement with the participant including:
advising on module selection to match the development plan to organisational requirements;
guiding contextualisation of learning activities to the local context e.g. identifying relevant
organisational policy documents or clinical pathways of relevance to module topics;
reviewing and providing supportive feedback to the participant on specific learning activities;
demonstration or supervised practice of clinical or professional skills that are in development and;
support to identify and access local or organisational training resources that may assist general
development goals or work on modules e.g. local inservice program, online training available to
employees, method of accessing organisation library resources.
Computer, organisation intranet (where relevant) and internet in the work unit.
Resources relevant to the organisation and/or profession (e.g. data systems, clinical equipment).
Allocated work time
As the Level 1 RGP is a work integrated learning program, some activities will require access to
resources and systems, discussions or meetings with colleagues, and other activities that need to be
done in work time. Modules involve 22 hours of study time and are 6 weeks in duration. The majority
of study time will need to be undertaken in the workplace.
Service development project
It is mandatory for Level 1 RGP participants to be involved in developing, implementing and evaluating a
rural generalist service development project in their workplace such as development or expansion of
telehealth, delegation to allied health assistants, skill sharing, or inter-agency partnerships. As participants
are early career professionals they are not expected to be independently responsible for the project. It is
expected that projects will be sponsored and led by a manager or senior team member with ongoing
engagement of relevant project stakeholders.
articipants applying to complete single modules
If you are applying to enrol in one or more individual modules only and are unable to meet the above
Organisational Support Requirements, please contact the RGP Program Coordinator to discuss.
Examples of formal professional support models include: Queensland Health (2011). Professional Supervision Guide: Allied Health Professional
Support Program; Health Education and Training Institute (2012). The Superguide: a handbook for supervising allied health professionals;
Western Australia Country Health Service (2008). Professional support: Clinical supervision for allied health professionals.
Given Name(s)
Position title
Facility / Team / Unit
Option 1. Credit card. JCU will contact you to provide instructions. Payment due 4 days before the start
date of registered module.
Option 2. One invoice per module. Complete section 2. BILLING INFORMATION DETAILS below.
Operational manager
Position title
Contact phone number
I have read the information in the Employer Support Requirements and acknowledge organisational support requirements
will be met for the Level 1 Rural Generalist Program participant above.
Operational manager:
Organisation name:
(Responsible for payment of invoice)
Contact Officer
for Billing
Position title
Contact phone number
Postal address
Authorisation of payment option and billing information.
I agree to the payment option indicated above in section 1. PARTICIPANT DETAILS.
Organisation delegate:
Position title
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